Wednesday, September 16, 2009

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Tendulkar Magic & Sehwagism

Tendulkar Magic, in my words, long back.
Rahul Bhattacharya on cricinfo writes about the same.

Also sometime back I wrote, Virender Sehwag & Zen Lesson,
and now there's this priceless interview of man himself on cricinfo :-)

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Real story of a fan!


I am addicted to the sound of fan, while sleeping. The first thing I checked was that both the fans were working, when I moved into the current house.
Also as far as possible I don’t sleep right under the fan, for the phobia that it might fall one me someday!
Both the fans in the house working fine, cot placed in the side of the bedroom, every day I slept peacefully :-)

One fine day, a friend of mine, over a coffee told me about this self sufficient building he watched on some TV program, where the windmills were strategically placed on the building, which generate enough power for the building. Amazing, I slept thinking about it!

I had spent the whole day & night working at office. Came home & caught 2 hours of sleep from 5 AM to 7 AM. Woke up and had to hurry again, to make sure that the critical demo to client went fine in the afternoon.
I was drowsy. I climbed on the cot like a zombie, yawned & raised my hands.
Thud...I fell on the floor!
Mind stopped thinking for a while...
After few seconds, completely awake, I was, in horrible pain.
When I gathered the thoughts, it was my hand that hit the fan in full speed!
I looked up, fan was still working but at half the earlier speed.
After stopping the bleeding from small cut with some cotton, I rushed to office.
Demo went fine, I came back home.
There were 2 things to take care of, hand, for which I bought pain relief spray & fan, since it was too fast earlier, this half the speed was just enough for me to sleep :-)

That day I was alone at home, and it was night when I reached, and as I was about to open the lock, I saw it lying there.
A doll, with head separated!
Brushing aside the scary thoughts, I murmured to myself that it must be kids from upstairs who threw it there, smiled at myself for getting scared for a moment, switched on the fan & slept.

It was yesterday night.
I was fast asleep.
Suddenly some creaky noise woke me up.
There was no sign of it reducing, nor could I make out where it’s coming from.
When it really got intolerable, I got up.
I asked the landlord who stays in the next house, that if it’s some neighbors making that noise, we should ask them to stop.
We decided to figure out & went out, crossing the building behind, where I had never been before.
As we crossed the tree, in front of me was an unbelievable sight!
A cross between a giant fan and a windmill fitted over a building which by it self’s a cross between a scientists lab and a scary haunted house!
It was rotating slowly making creaky noise!
My heart was thumping loud with a mixture of excitement & fear!
I looked behind & the landlord who came with me was not be seen!
That’s when I realized the tricky situation I was in, standing all alone, in the middle of the night, not knowing what to do next!

Before I could do anything...well...then...I woke up for real :D

It was the fan in my room which has been working at half the original speed, since I hit it, had now almost stopped, making creaky noise!

I switched it off, and tried sleeping without the fan :-)

Got the fan repaired and today, as usual, I am going to sleep peacefully :-)