Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The day when India won the World (Cup)...

Well, even after what all I said before, I didn’t quite expect what happened on 24-09-07 at Johannesburg Wanderers stadium, what a match!

They say ‘Keep the best for last’ and how!

In the debut final of the cricket’s youngest baby, T20 world cup, in which two unheralded young teams, namely the arch rivals India and Pakistan, in a match which had more twists than a Bollywood movie, in a battle of nerves as much as skills, where the difference between winner and loser was just one shot, the new young fearless team India held their nerves till the very end, to lift the cup high...

Whole country going to the streets with crackers, going berserk celebrating, for all of us cricket lovers it’s a moment to cherish, for life time.

Well I won’t go into the details of the match, because it’s such an event where words and languages have limitations.

It’s said India is a country which believes in miracles, and yes I do, for I witnessed when one such happened :-)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

India’s journey to T20 final…

In every day life, out of ordinary, we come across moments which are for life time. The young & fearless, team India presented us with many such, in the ongoing T20 cricket world cup.

Not many gave this team a chance. T20 being a no event in India, a team without 3 of its biggest players and a coach, was just a participant.
But then the team played like, well for the lack of a better word, dream team, that we all hope & pray for.

Right from Robin Uthappa’s calculated assault on Pakistan & keeping the cool to win in the bowl out, and Sehwag, reminding us of what a destroyer he is, against NewZealand, and an incensed Yuvraj, power hitting 6*6 against England, a young Rohit Sharma, proving his mettle against SA with the bat, a match in which India unbelievably out bowled, led by RP Singh, and out fielded, again led by Rohit Sharma, to magically run out the dangerous Kemp, the standard bearers themselves, it’s nothing but an amazing journey to the semifinals. The fielding was top notch, batting, destructive and the uncluttered approach to the game was pure joy to watch. And the bowlers have been a revelation, just another traveler so far RP Singh, leading the way, with come back men Harbajan & Pathan proving themselves and getting better with every outing, with able support from ever energetic Sreesanth. Dhoni’s composure too deserves praise.

But now the team was up against the wall. The mighty, fearsome, Australia, everybody’s favorites, (quite rightly) who have made it a habit to win the big matches nonchalantly, making it look like a no contest, intimidating the opposition teams. Even a diehard Indian supporter (like me!) was little skeptical.

After a slow start, with Yuvraj blazing his way to 70 of just 30, turning the match head on and shifting the momentum towards India and with Uthappa and Dhoni joining the party India ended with 188, good score but gettable!
After all it’s invincible Australia you are playing against!
With a true test for India’s bowlers waiting, Sreesanth was at his fiery best to start with, troubling the both the destructive openers, and castled Gilchrist with a wonderful delivery, who was looking dangerous.
Game on!
But once the big hitting Symonds joined the by-now-settled Hayden and started plundering runs, there was no stopping. Australia juggernaut seemed set to roll and the Indian fans started giving up. There was a sense of inevitability.
India desperately needed a hero.
What happened next was pure exhilarating stuff.
Sreesanth came back to bowl and promptly cleaned up the danger man Hayden.
If I am to pick a moment, this was it!
Pint sized power house, Sreesanth, never short of antics, as the Hayden’s stumps lie in disarray, slapping the pitch with his hands like a hungry cannibal who had just got his prey! Electrifying stuff! It was a sight!
For once Australia had been bullied, beating them in their own game.
Australia never recovered from that blow with rest of the bowlers turning it on and watching the drama was like a dream just being realized.

I hope India goes on to win the final playing the same brand of cricket but irrespective of that it’s been pure joy, watching India play, cricketing entertainment at its best.

Like I read in the blogosphere, “It has really been the most fun one can have with their clothes on”

Update: The day when India won the World (Cup)...

Back to School – Update three: Economics of Markets

The story/journey so far – Recap

Recalling a line from the beginning of the wonderful book, Economics by Paul A. Samuelson & William D Nordhaus “Generations of students, often to their surprise, have discovered how stimulating Economics can be.”
Can’t agree more!
And professor Dr Amir Ullah Khan made it all more fascinating.
Do have a look at that CV and if there’s a need for me add a line, he’s all that and better :-)

There were so many new things/new way of looking at things that I am really constrained by time and words here.

It sounds like a lofty statement, but if there’s single subject that you have to study for better understanding of the world in current era, it’s Economics.
More than anything else, the improvement in living standards of people depends on Economic success of countries- in education, investment, foreign trade and healthcare. So the subject’s ever evolving, and it’s scope ever increasing.

It’s said that one of the main reasons you should do an MBA is to increase the awareness on the things that you need to know but you don’t know that you need to know and after studying Economics (thanks to professor Dr Amir Ullah Khan for making it all more interesting), we can’t but agree.