Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Just One Last Thing

You won a series against a strong Pakistan team single handedly at Toronto. Well, against Pakistan, it's always more special.

You taught us how to celebrate, after winning the Natwest series finals. It was more than just winning a cup, it was a statement, after being bullied for years, on the world stage, 'Now, it's our turn'

You had the guts to stand up to the ugly Aussie and beat them in their own game of so called ‘mental disintegration’, in 2003. Like you once famously said “We know, and they know, that we can beat them” and then beat them and how...

You lead from front and set the tone at Brisbane with a back to the wall, blistering 144. India playing in Australia has never been the same again.

You didn’t give up during that worst phase of your life, and made a deserving, fairy tale comeback. Simply heroic

Yes we agree that, on the off side there’s God and then there’s you.
And when you came charging down the track to those spinners, we never had an iota of doubt, going up screaming “SIX”, and you never let us down.

Well, with you more than the stats(&controversies!), it’s always the emotional connect.

You always wore your heart on the sleeve, never backing away from a fight, with the visible passion and the naked aggression that made us stand up from seat and shout, “GO, GIVE IT TO THEM”.

Thanks to all those moments of sheer joy.
When you go out for the last time, head held high, we owe you a standing ovation.
Goodbye dear Sourav Ganguly.
The memories will stay.


~rAGU said...

yes we wont forget that Ganguly Dravid shots against Srilanka in the world cup and his off side strokes.

Arghya said...

He made the team believe that we can win! He changed the mindset of the dressing room. Dhoni inherited them and excelled. I beleive the seeds were sown by Sourav Ganguly. He was the most controversial captain and a player in Indian Cricket and may be the most flamboyant and talked about player after Sachin Tendulkar! We will always remember your "Dadagiri" and it was required, and you taught us!