Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Bliss :-)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Outward Bound Learning @ Pegasus

With the Objective of 'having fun while learning' we (around 70 of us from Valtech) started our expedition @ 4 pm on 19th Friday. For somebody new to the organization like me, it’s good opportunity to make friends too. After around 4 hrs of arduous journey (on our typical Bangalore roads, making us feel @ home!) we made it to Pegasus @ around 8 pm.
Thankfully we had good food and facilities which we enjoyed throughout our stay.
The next 2 days were memorable for the learning, fun, friends made, discipline and much more...
All the activities in sub teams gave the exposure to personality types & view points and the agility (mental & physical) of agile Valtech team's put to stern test! :-)
(If I put the details of activities here, it might spoil the fun for anybody visiting in future)
The learning’s were immediate (Action Learning Cycle), which made it all more effective.
I jot down a few here

-Listen attentively
-Understand the big picture/objective
-Analyze thoroughly
-Clarify, don’t assume
-Be open (Johari Window)
-Make optimum use of resources (esp time)
-Constant feedback with all stake holders
-Take calculated risks
-Respect the fact that each individual has a different way of doing things and don't force your style/micromanage
-Collaboration b/w the individual team members and the sub teams is very important for the success of the whole team
-Practice, to bridge the gap between knowing and doing

There were many more lessons learnt, much more fun had, and memorable moments, which I really can't put into words here...

Finally when we arrived in Bangalore on 21st Sunday around 8 Pm, having met the objective of ‘having fun and learning' completely met, though physically tired, the experience had rejuvenated the jaded, body, mind & soul.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

How to be creative

They say 'keep the best for the last' .But I think I have just read the best read of the year!Well, I usually restrain from slang here. But for this one I won't be doing justice, if I don't say
It's fucking awesome!
How to be creative Original blog format's here

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Apple iPhone

Well, no doubt he's the biggest showman n the only rock star in the corporate world.The man who has changed the world twice (with 1984 mac and 2001 ipod), n may be as he claims it's thrice, considering the iPhone. Here's keynote . Despite all the hype they did manage to surprise with iPhone . Well, you can crib about, it being a locked platform, the deal with Cingluar, no 3G support etc but then you can always crib. Sir Jonathan Ive's abstract, minimalist design's a real eye candy.

And to quote jobs "Design's not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works".

Looks like, it does "work like magic"

Steve Jobs is the Master of presentations, beyond compare. (Do check some presentation tips here).
For a sample, check the 'Apple Music Event 2001-The First Ever iPod Introduction' That's classic Steve Jobs. Watch in the end "BOOOM it fits right in my poket".

Panache baby…

Hit or flop, iPhone had me!If scrolling is damn cool, then observe the bouncing while the scrolling stops. It's alive.

Check this demo

And yeah, you have a year, before iPhone hits the market here.
Start saving.