Monday, August 29, 2005

Sunday, Jogi n Iqbal...

Last Sunday, it was bak 2 gud old college days...Multiple movies with friends!

The much hyped Jogi in the mornin', left us thoroughly disappointed(that's an understatement).Yeah it has some catchy tunes, but if only the movie was half as gud as Om(a movie on similar lines by Upendra, long back, which I consider flawless/near perfect).Without too much expectations, Jogi is watchable,n I hav nothin' more 2 say.

And in the afternoon Iqbal, made us feel good (long time since last elections, hope I can use the phrase!).
Very rarely comes such a movie, realistic, meaningful, simple(without being simplistic) and yet has that edge of the seat quality, leaving u spellbound. The beauty of that splendid narration is that u actually start believing wots happening on screen. It does touch ur heart in a special way(like one Swades did).
Acting?Story?Direction?... I am stumbling for words.
Check these reviews which do a pretty neat job of it
TOI , rediff and indiatimes
An experience u gotta experience, this brilliant craft, the best work of Nagesh Kukunoor yet, leaves you askin' for more.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


In RPC layout recently!
The 2 boys were standing like statues holding the banner and @ around every 10 mins they changed location by around 50 meters.
Well, the picture is worth quite a few words...(I dunno wot 2 say)

Talkin' abt commercials, this one's the best you get to watch on TV these days Bajaj Avenger...Feel Like God...Just about perfect, hits the target audience bang on...U can view\download it here.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Living your Passion and a man called Harsha Bhogle...

Articulate, professional, humble, pleasant, are the few adjectives that come into mind when you think of Harsha Bhogle.
Harsha who:-IIMA grad, who chucked a lucrative career to pursue his passion. Opted out of placements and went straight to AIR (All India Radio!) to become a cricket commentator. Now the famous Anchor, Commentator, Columnist...

He's one of those few, who pursue their passion and make a living/career (damn good at it!) out of it, unlike most of us who call our passions, hobbies and @ some point give up citing lack of time. How wonderful life should be when you spend most of the time on your passion.
Though @ every opportunity he mentions his wife’s support (hmm that's something) and calls himself the luckiest person, it’s not as rosy as it seems. As a commentator you got to be on your toes all the time, concentrating and having the words to say whatever is happening in the ground, mediocrity is not accepted in live shows, you got to build a rapport with audience, make them feel imp, put up with the egos of former players now fellow commentators(Considering that he never played cricket at the highest level).
Well life's not easy, but it was never meant to be.

He played some Ranji Trophy cricket, and then when he realized that his limited cricketing talent will not take him far, he made a turn, dared those days in wilderness, mastered the rules and accents and created a profession/career and brought some dignity to the job.
Though occasionally u will find him coining lines like "you can’t expect a Mercedes out of an Ambassador factory"(talking about the need to improve cricketing infrastructure in India), there’s no Sidhuism.It's that warm friendly smile, infectious enthusiasm, being never short of the right word or phrase and the simplicity that appeals. And most importantly it's the transparent passion, which is his USP.
Well, "where there’s passion there’s no mediocrity" is the proven law.
Now you have 'Harsha Ke Khoj', a talent hunt show named after him and endorsements, fan clubs...well that must be satisfying.

But there’s more to it than money and fame. It's about believing in your dreams, overcoming obstacles, making the right turn at the right time (knowing the limitations, he stopped playing and started commentary), being nice still not boring, that down to earth quality, .............................., it's about living your passion.

There’s never a dull moment with Harsha around, listening to him or reading his write-ups is an absolute delight.
I rarely go crazy about people, (SHE is an exception though, I get lost in the depth of sea in her eyes, that old-fashioned, childish charm and that mysterious it?, that's some inspiration!) but I envy you Harsha for living your passion.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Naya Ghar...Namma Bengaluru...n that Chat...!

Quite sometime both, since I posted something here and also since I moved to this new place(like the hell u care!).It's cool and calm, perfect 2 b in Nirvana.!
Hmm...yet 2 speak to some of the neighbours...with such cool(read, hot!) ones around...well, time to polish my PR skills?:-(

Yeah that Jasmine(blame it on my phtography, it looks much better!)on the terrace.It takes an artist to describe the beauty n I won't try!
May be I should just try standing next to it when I call her to ensure that she won't scold me again like she did once"hey u r shoutin, talkin to gal, be soft n romantic!":-)

And it's around 30 mins ride to my workplace.I am enjoying that warm up in the morning and joy ride in the evening.Talk about 'The Joy Of Little Things'!...
Yeah there is un-ending traffic woes, but wot's the use cribbin' ?do wot u can, atleast follow the traffic rules, ride safe(n fast!), find shortcuts to avoid signals, listen to Radiocity...and ther's no dearth of beauty in Bangalore!

We have lot many complaints abt Bangalore,like sky high cost of livin, rocketin real estate prices(I discovered myself in search of the house, hearing the rent for those dingy houses.) ,increaing pollution, people and crime, breakin infrastructure, with every shoppin mall n fly over comin up, sparrows n greenary is disappearin'...add to it an indifferent government.
Bangalore crumbling? Naah...
It's we the people(from all places and cultures) made Bangalore face of India and wot it is and yes, for Bangalore 2 b right up there on the global map, may need some effort from U and I.
And the garden city with its beautiful weather still has that charm which makes us live with it and fight to resolve the issues.
It's still a small price to pay 2 live in 'Namma Bengaluru'.I am lovin' it...!

Comin back to the house, the main road few metres away has lotsa bakeries, juice stalls n many gals hostels, addin color...!
The other day I was walkin along with a school friend in the other street pareller to main road, little dark, n less crowdy.
It's next to a park with quite a few trees, n ther were quite a few boy-gal standing there chattin'...
We have dinner in the hotel next road and come bak, they are still ther...
He says "...wot the heck r they talkin for so long?...may b every day?"
He has an attitude problem, that talkin with gals is a waste of time b'coz all of them r dumb! n I have difference of opinion.(Though only just, that, not all/ther r exceptions. :-)!)
I shrug n say "not everything in life can b explained/logical..." realizing, gettin philosophical... I cut the sentence, smile n add "...jealous?"
He continues with more questions"...friends?...or lovers n y here?" (He knows that I hate people labeling wen boy-gal talk.)
I shake my head, take a deep breath...n say, "...u dont understand...!"
He gets kinda irritated/peeved..."wot?...y? u?...experience?"I am silent for a moment n then smile.He too smiles.And we move on...
Sometimes in life u say 100 words n still feel u need more...n some times u need none 2 say it....!