Monday, August 27, 2007

A thought, on self help books!

There are so many of them out there, and considering they get sold in large numbers, if they really worked, majority of people in this world would have been success stories by now:-)
(Just kidding, some of them might actually help)

For otherwise 'free advice' lot of money though, makes me think of writing one!

How about this title?

Whatever: How to master the art of being jack of quite a few things


Saturday, August 25, 2007

Right or Wrong?

History or for that matter even present is mostly grey, hardly black and white.
More often than not, right and wrong is only a point of view.
It’s our environment(upbringing, religion, education, society, culture, relationships), everyday experiences, and the information that we gather from books and media, people around...(DNA & lots of other complicated stuff?!) that forms our world view.
Nothing wrong in being opinionated though.
My point of view:-)

Monday, August 13, 2007

Back to school - Update Two: Financial Reporting and Control & Quantitative Analysis for the firm

Prescribed, prerequisite reading
Back to school - Update One: Marketing Management

For a change, unlike Marketing Management – 8 hours at a stretch, we had 2 subjects per day for better absorption :-)
But on the flip side, both were mathematics oriented :-(

Financial Reporting and Control: - Professor Dr.Narayani, a gold medalist throughout, started off like a bullet train (saying 'in this digital age you have to keep moving fast to stay where you are') and then increased the speed further, both talking and the subject wise! :-)
There were lot of interesting insights gained from the subject (yeah, money is good!).
Some of it is grey, neither legal, nor illegal, the subject’s both science and art!
Apart from the subject, her efficient time utilization, reminded us, ‘Time is money’.
Also Professor Dr. Ravi pitched in for a session, with his vast teaching expertise and real world examples.
All in all a very good subject, this needed a lot of effort!

Quantitative Analysis for the firm: - With professor Dr.Chandrashekaran, it was finally back to school feeling. With his unhurried style and simple demeanor (with an ocean of knowledge & experience behind him), there was an old-world charm in problem solving in the classroom. A mix of Operation research, statistics and probability, this subject is, not art, but science, for a change :-)
The whole subject’s treated on pure mathematics basis with no relation to business, is my only crib, in an otherwise wonderful treat.

Good faculty & infrastructure, but the administration issues continued to play minor spoilsport. Squeezed for time, we had to study both the management subjects, without a case study :-( The attendance was little thin too. Hope things improve.

As the saying goes ‘no pain, no gain’, we (had to!) worked harder. Leanings and fun continued :-)