Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Magic Wand

During college days I too believed that one day we will become a great nation from a developing country, soon.
After that phase of 'I can change the world' comes the reality in every common man's life, of being a part of society & system to make a living :P
I had to start learning to live with the harsh reality of, everyday fight for basic necessities, our lack of discipline & cleanliness and our general lack of awareness & interest or the will to change the system. Without realizing, I was slowly being sucked into the vicious circle of 'chalta hai', 'we are like this only'.
As terrorism & corruption grew we remained apathetic.
Doubts started creeping in, 'will India ever be a developed country'?
Engine of India's growth, the middle class, was simply detached or indifferent, seemingly happy with the status quo.

But past few days have been refreshingly different.
As Anna, epitome of a common man, set out to cleanse the system, the middle class awakened, shook the rust off hearts & dusted off the souls and responded in a manner that befits the land of Gandhi.
The floodgates opened & people warmed up to Anna from their frozen state, pouring into the streets to protest peacefully.
I think all that we needed to come out of inertia, was just a right leader.
The Jan Lokpal Bill per se may not eradicate corruption. (I partially agree with the anti-Anna (pseudo?) intellectuals on this. But the movement is not just about marching to the Jan Lokpal Bill destination. I believe, the long journey has just begun)

The common man was woken up & that's enough to restore my hope & faith.
And Mr. Prime Minister, Anna has the magic wand.