Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Few (more/crazy) things

Few interestin things...

Finally completed readin Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. Currently got my hands on to, E=mc2: A Biography of the World's Most Famous Equation and Iacocca : An Autobiography

Had been to Crusty Demons at Palace Ground on Dec 10th.Crazy!

Been to home for 2 days, Nirvana!

n Shree Kumar's @ it again!

Enjoy this list of self-annihilating sentences.

Here's one to the all the( fellow! )crazy ones!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Just a thought, abt Bangalore(crumbling?)

"Heavy rain batters Bangalore"
"Gowda-Murthy spat overshadows Bangalore IT"

True, but I feel that our view is not balanced enough.Have you observed the constant -ve vibe, the over hyping(typical with our media?) of problems in Bangalore.Are we failing to look at the other side? Isn't Bangalore still a great place to be? Agreed, the International Airport and Metro Rail project, and some of the flyover constructions are moving(if @ all!) @ snails pace(just like traffic!).But considering the rate @ which the city has been growing from past decade, the very basic necessities electricity and water are fairly adequate isn't it? The city is kinda clean, with garbage collection fairly in place.That's apart from the warm n friendly people and the nature's gift of natural AC throughout the year.
No way I am taking away the problems city is having.We do have an indifferent govt and major problems with traffic(roads) and drainage, as highlighted during recent heavy rains. As one of the mags rightly related the problem to disappearing of lakes(The real estate boom gobbling up the lakes, only around 65 left out of around 400 at once)highlighting "if city's gardens and tree cover were lungs the interconnected lakes played the role of kidneys, flushing out the excess water when the city gets soaked to bones." Point, huh? Didn't we invite/deserve the revenge of lakes?
Perhaps time for, we the people, to wake up and play our roles as brain of the city?.It shouldn't be too tough/long before things are set right, considering active citizens here.
But it's sensationalizing the -ve thoughts, that disgusts me.
Ella ok, 'Bangalore crumbling' over hype yaake?

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Reclaim your life

I have always loved the Tata Safari, ever since it was introduced in 1998 as the first homegrown SUV(Swadesi softcorner?!:-), I do secretly hope that the Safari SUV brand would be wolrdbeater, someday, sooner).Though it's long time since, without a major facelift (with constant upgrades though) she still looks fresh and contemporary.With the intimidating, yet elegant road presence, let me confess, she was kinda my first love(in machines!).Yeah, she had her set of flaws(it's no Pajero/Land Cruiser), underpowered engine, poor handling, fit and finish and if it wasn't a runaway success, that's for valid reasons.
( I remember one of my friends saying 'Why do Tata's make all their vehicle so heavy? Because they manufacture steel
themselves?' :-) )
On the positive front, I can write pages, but "I am in love with her"...Isn't that reason valid enough?.
(Caution: I have discovered that logic and love always don't go together!)
All these thoughts after watching the new Tata Safari Dicor commercial 'Reclaim your life'. Tata Safari commercials always had a class/appeal of their own.(Remember the 'Make your own road' ad?). But this brilliant piece of work stands out(One might complain this commercial is made for men).Just like the recent Bajaj Avenger 'Feel Like God', commercial this one too is high on EQ and makes you put your thinking cap on.

The ad has an awesome background score(Though seems to be inspired from Summer Overture!) and incredible captions
At this point, for a second, the background music fades away and the screen goes complete blackout, with a super reading, 'Reclaim Your Life'.
Bang comes the machine, emerging out of the air, and landing on a muddy terrain, splattering sand and mud all around with brilliant music crescendo.
Boy, every time I watch the ad, at this particular moment, don't I yearn to be in the drivers seat?
And it ends with 'Reclaim your life. Tata Safari Dicor.' How apt...

With the perfect blend of music-content-caption-direction-suspense they've done a damn good job of getting the message across without showing too much of the car (or any hot babes!).
Did anyone say creativity is on decline?

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Steve Jobs and Innovation

(My write-up, which appeared on our Office Mag)

It was one of the things overdue on my 'To Read' list. Finally, last week, got my hands on to The Second Coming of Steve Jobs by Alan Deutschman, one of the number of books on engaging, enigmatic personality called Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs, who? : - The co-founder and CEO of both Apple Computer and Pixar Animation Studios, well that's if you go by just designation.
Apart from that he is the man who changed the world many times.

In his early twenties, he, the college drop out, co-founded Apple in 1976. Being the creative, brilliant, workaholic, innovative genius that he was, Apple ignited the personal computer revolution in the 1970s with the Apple II and reinvented the personal computer in the 1980s with the revolutionary Macintosh (hailed as insanely great!), highlight being the Mouse and Graphical User Interface.In his mid twenties, Jobs was, successful, billionaire, famous as the visionary of the industry. The blue jeans clad, pop-culture/youth icon, Steve Jobs, was a celebrity and a kind of overachiever. But at times, used to surface, the other side of him, the bad Steve, temperamental, intimidating, arrogant and belittling. His Charisma is best exemplified when he lured John Scullery, an executive with Pepsi-Cola, to work with Apple, challenging him, "Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water, or do you want a chance to change the world?”. Ironically the same man was instrumental in firing him later from his own company in 1985.Devastated, Jobs founded NeXT Computer, where he built NeXT Cube, his philosophical idea of an "interpersonal" computer, the perfect machine. Though technologically advanced, his fanatic obsession with perfection resulting in high cost, it was never able break into mainstream. It was a financial disaster. And Pixar, which he had confounded, was also bleeding money. As followers, friends and media were abandoning him, in his 30s, he was right at the edge, emotionally and financially, even contemplating giving up entirely with dreaded shame of public failure.

Then came the great revival in almost filmy style. Both, Apple, which had lost its soul with Steve’s ouster, and, Steve who always had a strong emotional attachment to Apple, needed each other badly. In 1996 apple Bought Next and Steve returned to Apple.Meanwhile Pixar delivered the 'Toy Story' in 1998 the first of six most successful and beloved, stunning animated films of all time. (The other five being, A Bug's Life in 1998, Toy Story 2 in 1999, Monsters, Inc. in 2001, Finding Nemo in 2003, and The Incredibles in 2004. Watch out for next release, Cars, in 2006!)

Jobs, the brilliant, remarkable leader with limitless energy, maniac like intensity and management skills, revived Apple, delivering the first of the beautiful iMac series in 1998.

(Musings: -True the beige box kind of PCs that we use still dominate the market. The iMac may never win the war unless you decide to present the Medal of Honor, but you don't expect Porsche to outsell General Motors, do you?)

In 2001 Steve Jobs in one of his, carefully practiced, casual looking, rocking presentations, released the iPod (as near to perfection as human creation can get?!), which is leading the digital music revolution. And the charming, fascinating, Jobs is back to the center stage.

Looking back, did he commit a blunder? By not licensing the software (which was nearly a decade ahead of rivals) on other vendors machines and we all know, how Bill Gates, the brilliant businessman he is, encashed on it. Jobs feared that it might dilute the brand, the concept of perfection he wanted achieve in the products by creating both hardware and software. (But in real world ideals are not always practical?)

For all the innovation, today Apple is not the big or rich enough. But according to Jobs, the goal is to create best, perfect products, not to be the biggest or richest. (Just strive for excellence, who says only money can buy happiness?)

Recently Apple replaced their best selling ‘iPod mini’ within 19 months of its release, with the stunning new 'iPod nano’. Quite a statement huh?

And after releasing ‘video iPod’ in the most recent 'One More thing’ (Jobs' tagline that he uses at the end of a keynote to introduce a product, usually something new and unexpected) event, he concluded his presentation saying "I think this is the start of something really big, Sometimes the first step is the hardest one, and we've just taken it.''

Agreed, they make products to the niche market and not the masses. But if you are passionate, looking at gadgets as an extension of your personality (rather than looking for Value For Money) you will appreciate the austere/minimalist, aesthetic beauty, the ease of use, of those, number of life style products and the technical innovations. Perhaps iPod stands for what all Apple and Steve Jobs stand for....

Just Cool. (The word cool saves me so many adjectives!)

And when Jobs says "Innovate, that's what we do", Can't agree more...

Few Learnings

* Keep it simple.
It's best to do one thing really, really well.The key of being cool is to make things easier and simpler.
Applies to both work and life.

* Innovate constantly , there's always a better way to do it.
We can't rest on our laurels for long.Even great things have to be bettered to stay on the top.

* "That's how it works", can be changed.
It's often the people who are different, who challenge the conventional methods, change the world.
We can change the way things work.

* It's tough to do something new, but it's worth it.
First step is the hardest and there's fear of failure, but in the end the satisfaction alone is worth facing the challenge.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Kukke Subrahmanya - Home Town :-)

Had been to home town (Kukke Subrahmanya) recently, collected this photo of the temple.(taken @ the time of the annual festival)

At the risk of sounding like gushing, few lines about my place...

Intro:- It's a small town, famous for the temple of Kukke Sri Subrahmanya, nestled in the forest bordering the western ghats. Lapped in the luxurious abundance of the beauty of the nature, it lies in the Sullia Taluk in south Kanara District of Karnataka, and is situated @ around 100 kms from Mangalore and nearly 300 kms from Bangalore. Also nearby is another famous pilgrimage center of Dharmastala.

Yeah, it rains heavily during Mansoon and summer will be very hot and humid. Agriculture is the primary profession with Areca Nut and Coconut being main crops. Kannada and Tulu are the local languages. Food is not very spicy (yeah, I know you crib for using coconut oil for cooking!).People are cultured, well informed, have the sense of cleanliness, soft-spoken - sometimes to the point of being not talkative enough. And at times you might mistake their self-respect for arrogance. And don't be surprised to see narrow winding roads, houses with terracotta-tiled roofs.

Don't miss these Places at Kukke Subrahmanya.
Some deserve a special mention.

Kumara Parvatha (Kumar Mountain), is a trekkers' paradise.You can also climb up from/climb down to Somvarpete(near Madikeri).More in a seperate post.

Kumara Dhara River, is considered sacred, with lot of people taking bath esp. to cure skin diseases. Apart from the strong faith, as the river flows through the forest with lot of medicinal plants, should be having those medicinal properties, is my reasoning.
Also I have fond memories of the river, getting quite a few holidays to the school as the bridge gets submerged during heavy rains cutting off the road link!

You can also trek around 55 kms through the meter-gauge railway line (abandoned since the last decade for broad-gauge conversion!) from Sakleshpura through Yedakumeri to Subrahmanya (connecting Mangalore-Hassan), the best trek that I have ever done, through tunnels, bridges, never ending scenery, streams and dense forest. Probably there's nothin like it, anywhere. An experience of lifetime.

Or drive through scenic Bisle Ghat.

As it's happening with most of the places in India here too u will find too many people thronging the temple, Kumara Dhara water getting dirty... Yet the place preserves an old world charm. It’s sheer pleasure to travel there, as nature reveals herself in all her unhidden beauty in the rivers, forests and mountains.

Enough boasting!, love you hometown.And welcome all.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Short bikin n trekkin

Last Sunday, 17 of us had been to Chunchi Falls n Mekedatu...arnd 100 kms from Bangalore.
An apt one liner would be "It was pure exhilaration".Rejuvenated the jaded body/mind/soul.
Note :-An all Bajaj team of 9 bikers, good 2 c, 'Hamara Bajaj' indigenously makin bikes that appeal 2 geeks....
Bottomline:-Can't type more, still havin a hangover!

Monday, August 29, 2005

Sunday, Jogi n Iqbal...

Last Sunday, it was bak 2 gud old college days...Multiple movies with friends!

The much hyped Jogi in the mornin', left us thoroughly disappointed(that's an understatement).Yeah it has some catchy tunes, but if only the movie was half as gud as Om(a movie on similar lines by Upendra, long back, which I consider flawless/near perfect).Without too much expectations, Jogi is watchable,n I hav nothin' more 2 say.

And in the afternoon Iqbal, made us feel good (long time since last elections, hope I can use the phrase!).
Very rarely comes such a movie, realistic, meaningful, simple(without being simplistic) and yet has that edge of the seat quality, leaving u spellbound. The beauty of that splendid narration is that u actually start believing wots happening on screen. It does touch ur heart in a special way(like one Swades did).
Acting?Story?Direction?... I am stumbling for words.
Check these reviews which do a pretty neat job of it
TOI , rediff and indiatimes
An experience u gotta experience, this brilliant craft, the best work of Nagesh Kukunoor yet, leaves you askin' for more.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


In RPC layout recently!
The 2 boys were standing like statues holding the banner and @ around every 10 mins they changed location by around 50 meters.
Well, the picture is worth quite a few words...(I dunno wot 2 say)

Talkin' abt commercials, this one's the best you get to watch on TV these days Bajaj Avenger...Feel Like God...Just about perfect, hits the target audience bang on...U can view\download it here.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Living your Passion and a man called Harsha Bhogle...

Articulate, professional, humble, pleasant, are the few adjectives that come into mind when you think of Harsha Bhogle.
Harsha who:-IIMA grad, who chucked a lucrative career to pursue his passion. Opted out of placements and went straight to AIR (All India Radio!) to become a cricket commentator. Now the famous Anchor, Commentator, Columnist...

He's one of those few, who pursue their passion and make a living/career (damn good at it!) out of it, unlike most of us who call our passions, hobbies and @ some point give up citing lack of time. How wonderful life should be when you spend most of the time on your passion.
Though @ every opportunity he mentions his wife’s support (hmm that's something) and calls himself the luckiest person, it’s not as rosy as it seems. As a commentator you got to be on your toes all the time, concentrating and having the words to say whatever is happening in the ground, mediocrity is not accepted in live shows, you got to build a rapport with audience, make them feel imp, put up with the egos of former players now fellow commentators(Considering that he never played cricket at the highest level).
Well life's not easy, but it was never meant to be.

He played some Ranji Trophy cricket, and then when he realized that his limited cricketing talent will not take him far, he made a turn, dared those days in wilderness, mastered the rules and accents and created a profession/career and brought some dignity to the job.
Though occasionally u will find him coining lines like "you can’t expect a Mercedes out of an Ambassador factory"(talking about the need to improve cricketing infrastructure in India), there’s no Sidhuism.It's that warm friendly smile, infectious enthusiasm, being never short of the right word or phrase and the simplicity that appeals. And most importantly it's the transparent passion, which is his USP.
Well, "where there’s passion there’s no mediocrity" is the proven law.
Now you have 'Harsha Ke Khoj', a talent hunt show named after him and endorsements, fan clubs...well that must be satisfying.

But there’s more to it than money and fame. It's about believing in your dreams, overcoming obstacles, making the right turn at the right time (knowing the limitations, he stopped playing and started commentary), being nice still not boring, that down to earth quality, .............................., it's about living your passion.

There’s never a dull moment with Harsha around, listening to him or reading his write-ups is an absolute delight.
I rarely go crazy about people, (SHE is an exception though, I get lost in the depth of sea in her eyes, that old-fashioned, childish charm and that mysterious appeal...hmm...got it?, that's some inspiration!) but I envy you Harsha for living your passion.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Naya Ghar...Namma Bengaluru...n that Chat...!

Quite sometime both, since I posted something here and also since I moved to this new place(like the hell u care!).It's cool and calm, perfect 2 b in Nirvana.!
Hmm...yet 2 speak to some of the neighbours...with such cool(read, hot!) ones around...well, time to polish my PR skills?:-(

Yeah that Jasmine(blame it on my phtography, it looks much better!)on the terrace.It takes an artist to describe the beauty n I won't try!
May be I should just try standing next to it when I call her to ensure that she won't scold me again like she did once"hey u r shoutin, talkin to gal, be soft n romantic!":-)

And it's around 30 mins ride to my workplace.I am enjoying that warm up in the morning and joy ride in the evening.Talk about 'The Joy Of Little Things'!...
Yeah there is un-ending traffic woes, but wot's the use cribbin' ?do wot u can, atleast follow the traffic rules, ride safe(n fast!), find shortcuts to avoid signals, listen to Radiocity...and ther's no dearth of beauty in Bangalore!

We have lot many complaints abt Bangalore,like sky high cost of livin, rocketin real estate prices(I discovered myself in search of the house, hearing the rent for those dingy houses.) ,increaing pollution, people and crime, breakin infrastructure, with every shoppin mall n fly over comin up, sparrows n greenary is disappearin'...add to it an indifferent government.
Bangalore crumbling? Naah...
It's we the people(from all places and cultures) made Bangalore face of India and wot it is and yes, for Bangalore 2 b right up there on the global map, may need some effort from U and I.
And the garden city with its beautiful weather still has that charm which makes us live with it and fight to resolve the issues.
It's still a small price to pay 2 live in 'Namma Bengaluru'.I am lovin' it...!

Comin back to the house, the main road few metres away has lotsa bakeries, juice stalls n many gals hostels, addin color...!
The other day I was walkin along with a school friend in the other street pareller to main road, little dark, n less crowdy.
It's next to a park with quite a few trees, n ther were quite a few boy-gal standing there chattin'...
We have dinner in the hotel next road and come bak, they are still ther...
He says "...wot the heck r they talkin for so long?...may b every day?"
He has an attitude problem, that talkin with gals is a waste of time b'coz all of them r dumb! n I have difference of opinion.(Though only just, that, not all/ther r exceptions. :-)!)
I shrug n say "not everything in life can b explained/logical..." realizing, gettin philosophical... I cut the sentence, smile n add "...jealous?"
He continues with more questions"...friends?...or lovers n y here?" (He knows that I hate people labeling wen boy-gal talk.)
I shake my head, take a deep breath...n say, "...u dont understand...!"
He gets kinda irritated/peeved..."wot?...y?...do u?...experience?"I am silent for a moment n then smile.He too smiles.And we move on...
Sometimes in life u say 100 words n still feel u need more...n some times u need none 2 say it....!

Monday, July 04, 2005

Mujhe Jo Sahi Lagta Hai, Main Liktha Hoon :-)

First things first.
I am a Ram Gopal Varma fan.
I haven't seen The Godfather.
But I have read it.

So I can say Sarkar is inspired conceptually by The Godfather .That spares me from telling anything about the story!

And Amithab's acting...well I don't have a word which hasn't been said about him and I don't dare to say it's his best performance.B'coz every time u say, he betters it(read Black).And with this movie the rise and rise of Abhishek continues.Even his fiercest critics would appreciate that brooding intensity.In some frames, only faces fill the screen, dialogues become irrelevent as they convey a range of emotions, in a restrained manner.Infact the casting and acting of each character is near perfect.

With such performances and a Godfather inspired story, the movie still has RGV stamp written all over it.Like all his movies this one too is special, each frame is shot with passion and has quite a few special, memorable, heartwarming, applause worthy moments which stay in ur mind even after u have left the theatre.

Coming to the negatives, yeah sometimes the constant background score irritates.And u wish there were more and powerful dialogues and Sarkar looked more powerful.
(That's if u don't appreciate the understated elegance).

I dunno how the comparision with The Godfather will fare.
And its sure to receive mixed response as its it's little serious and has a slow pace which may not appeal to those who are lukin for just entertainment.
Did anybody miss a (of course not item!) song? :-)

Final Verdict:- Its not a path braking or historic movie but a compelling must watch.If it sounds little too harsh, that's because I am judging by RGV standards.
Else, at a time when those cheap skin flicks are making money, this one's as good as it can get.Go watch it.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Don't THINK you are, KNOW you are...

Yups, this is my favorite line from my favorite movie, The Matirx.

"What is real? How do you define real? If you are talking about your senses,
what you feel, taste, smell, or see, then all you're talking about are
electrical signals interpreted by your brain."

Isn't this real?

Wake up, welcome to the real world...!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Centuries still exist side by side...

Just wanted post the nice piece below(yeah in line with theme of Swades!).Don't remember the source :-(

India is an experience that none should miss. It is a unique blend of the old and new, of tradition and modernity, of a reassuring continuity with exciting change. It is a place, where centuries still exist side by side. Its culture and history...perhaps tempt you to explore…

Monday, June 06, 2005

I just can't stop lovin' u...

A R Rahman's haunting voice, and Javed Akhtar's beautiful lyrics, a vintage, classic A R Rahman composition, as good as it can get...
yeah I am listening to...

Yeh jo des hai tera
Swades hai tera
Tujhe hai pukaaraa
Yeh woh bandhan hai jo
kabhi toot nahi sakta...

Agreed. Swades wasn't a box office hit(which is a shame infact)...But that can't stop me from adoring it...
Yeah...I can be crazy @ times n abt some...and obsessed with certain stuff...But this one is I am proud of...even after more than 5 months of its release I just can't stop raving about it.
Here's what Ashutosh Gowariker, the man himself has to say...
After all how often do we get to c meaningful cinema?

Friday, June 03, 2005

Karmanye Vadhikaraste Ma Phaleshu Kadachana...

As I was shifitng to new location, I just came across "Bhagavadgeetha As It Is by A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada" a classic of world literature, in my collection of books.
I had skimmed through it long back.I still remember the line that has the spirit/essence of the whole book for me.
"You have a right to perform your prescribed action,but you are not entitled to the fruits of your action.
Never consider yourself the cause of the results your activities,and never be associated to not doing your duty."

(Translated from Sanskrit:-"Karmanye Vadhikaraste Ma Phaleshu Kadachana,
Ma Karma Phala Hetur Bhurmatey Sangostva Akarmani")
How simple and how relevant even today.I think if Bhagavadgeetha is universally renowned as the jewel of India's spiritual wisdom , its because of Karma Yoga.You rarely find spiritual books/Gurus laying emphasis on doing your work.
Thats exactly what Krishna says here.Always do your best without expecting the results and you will be happy.
How beautiful...

Some short explanations

The book

All about Krishna

Short and How Sweet...

True.We travel fast, we communicate fast, everything in this world is getting faster...(for better?)
At the same time 'Time' has become a scarce resource...we never have time for anything...
or atleast we no more have time to read/write lengthy stuff...so my blogs gotta be short(n catchy?!)...!
Short and sweet is like a peck on the cheek...
Long time since I started following the rule, not to type anything more than a page.B'coz if u can't put it down to a page (or two @ max) it's not worth it.
I had learnt it the hard way, probably one of the costliest lessons of my life...!
Brevity and Simplicity are the two virtues we all love but hard to achieve.
Thats why good short stories so rare, paragraph writing is considered a skill and the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) Principle a popular maxim.
Oh...Lemme keep this short(yeah, me running out of time!)...:-)

Thursday, May 26, 2005

What not to do in college...

Recently I read the book 'Five point someone, What not to do at IIT' by Chetan Bhagat.
It tells nothin much about IIT, no preachin or fundas...just takes u bak to those college days, of pure fun...messing up...exam tension in the last minute...vivas...most will surely recall those days...!
All the folks hu njoyed DCH will love this one too...though at times...its not in the same class...
It was pretty long since I found something so stimulating...I read it in one shot...270 pages of pure fun...
Sample lines here...

"He took out a chalk from his pocket with a flourish celluloid terrorists reserved for hand-granades and underlined the word mechines approximately 6 times"
"There are times in life you wish dinosaurs weren't extinct and could be whistled to come and gulp you down."
"Like a trained pet, I got up from the seat opposite and sat next to her.Girls have this power to turn Mary, making lambs out of people."
"Maan, 4 years of freaking crazines to get a degree, and when the time came to collect, Ryan and I sat in our pajamas circling our paranthas with dabs of butter.I really don't deserve this degree"


Read some more here

@ 95 bucks it's a steal... complete timepass...

Though in the end I felt I could have easily written better one with all those days of college...!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Journey of thots...

The moment I get to sit in a bus I sleep.But that day(night in fact) when I was on the way to home I dint.That little fella sittin next to me initiated a conversation.I felt somewhat strange bcoz most of the times I speak to people first.That boy Rohan(6-8 years old) was charmin.I could match his wavelength.We immediately struck a chord...chatted abt lotsa things, school, friends, hobbies, interests...
He made me recall my gud old school days...days of pure joy n fun.
Whoever said that 'Innocence is a bliss' must be right...
That kid liked lot many things...(Jus like me?!)...comp games...Cricket, football,WWF...
And he wanted to be software engineer...n I cud c the glint in his eyes wen I said that I am a Software Engineer.He was treatin me like a hero...though bein a software pro has lost its cult status once it used njoy...
At once he said he fights with his sister, pointing towards her sitting little far...
n she smiled..wow..time stopped for a moment...!
my effort to present the most charmin smile possible, was cut short by a stare of her mother sittin next to her..:-)
I recalled "u may break u may shatter the vase if u will, but the scent of roses linger there still..."
His questions were engaging with the curiosity of child, ranging from "how tough it is to become a Software Engineer?" to "When I go to work at office,Can I play when I am free?"(I dint tel him..thats wot u do most of the times!!)...
It was so tough to answer his questions in a way he understands without dampening his spirit/giving wrong info that it turned out to be a real eye opener for me "how tough and how imp the role of a teacher"...
After convincing him that he has to and he will become a software engineer, we went into sleep.
I had to get down on the way,@ 4AM...to my home in the deep forest...
As it always happens when the bus stops in the middle of thick forest, dark outside, the people who were born and brought up in cities get scared...
After the customary thanx to the driver and conductor for stoppin, I got down into the cold darkness...
That short walk to home is one of the things I enjoy most.
I dont let anybody from home to wait for me and pick me up from there and I make it a point not to take out the torch.
I love to feel that feelin...the darkness...the sound of the river beside...the joy of nearin home...a sudden strange sound makin u think of all the wild animals, a cold breeze causing a chill down the spine...that sound of bamboos whining makin' u recall all the stories of ghosts...that familiar strangely pleasant smell increasing the heartbeat..
well, words and languages have limitations...

I was lost in thots...abt the innocence...the pros n cons of bein a software pro...and yeah HER SMILE...till Raakhi (my black doberman doggy) came running to welcome me.She still remembers the tricks I taught her in her first 6 months when I was her strict trainer.Very much unlike we humans who forget things learnt n people so easily...
Well it was time for short n sweet sleep of the mornin...

Sunday, May 08, 2005

BRAIN??!! - One of the most embarrassing moments...

It was those crazy days of 3rd semester Engg, when I had messed up with academics badly and had an attitude of 'never gonna b a Programmer’ .Labs were for sleepin and njoyin.We had LAN(ancient..DOS based!) in Data Structures Lab & we used to keep on sending messages(I was the culprit to initiate it most of the times).Messages were displayed on the taskbar with a beep sound & u had to press ctrl+enter to delete it.The Ma'm in charge for us was feared by one & all.(Though she was good with me and few others! )
That eventful day as usual in the lab I started sending messages & most of them started doing the same thing. Soon the lab was full of beep beep sounds. Then as Ma'm just went out, sensing the opportunity, I sent THE MSG..(I sent it to all 16(5 gals)with SEND ALL)

"u r the only person to live after donating brain".

I pressed the Enter button & as it was sounding beep beep in all 16 machines ,there entered the dreaded Ma'm!

Caught red-handed in the crime spot....!! But worse was in store...

Bcoz of character limitations on the taskbar the message actually displayed on most of the screens read like this

"u r the only person to live after donating bra"
And to my horror, on some of the screens 'in' was dispalyed in next line..:-(
y the heck din't 'in' fit in the screen..:-(
Cudn't hav been worser(better??!!) than that....

Ma'm(along with the lab instructor) switched off the server, scolded, shouted that she would complain to HOD on our batch..... etc
Everybody got their share of scolding..n it took all my communication skills along with my friend's(partner in crime..sittin next 2 me) to show msg on my pc & to apologize n convince the ma'm.(who was sayin "I wouldn't hav believed if I had not seen with my eyes that u guys did it"!!...)

Then came the worst part....I had to go & individually n convince all the girls(whom I had rarely spoken till that day..) about the message ...
were they convinced??!!..well its history now..n let the history b mystery:-)

Wot Say u?...
Lukin bak...Me says...Never miss an opportunity 2 Njoy..:-)....
Experience the Experience...!!

Puzzle Of My Heart : The Beautiful Soul I Loved...

Dunno y suddenly I am thinking of u 2day...in a little too senti mood..may b bcoz I read this...

I'm not enough Lucky . .

When I saw you first time
I imagined that look is mine
I imagined your eyes are mine,
Everything of you is mine..

When I talked to you first time
I dreamt that smile is mine
I dreamt your lips are mine,
All of you are truly mine..

No more things I dare to say between us,

But you filled my dreams,heart and my soul,
Took away my time and gave back as poems..

Oh little Angel, I am late, I'm so late,
I am no more lucky to see your face,
I shouldn't try for another gaze..

I (should) understand and accept,
I am not enough lucky . . .

Yeah..I loved u baby.. Truly,madly,deeply...I had never been so passionate abt anythin' in my life..perhaps will never b so intense..
U were the angel hu taught me the feelin of love..U made me go crazy..
Though I pathetically failed to make u understand how I felt...though u seemed 2 hate my very existence..
I don't regret..may b it was just never meant 2 b..I treasure those beautiful moments with u..
n also I hav given up the hope that someday u will atleast understand me as a friend..probably u never will..perhaps I was tryin to fix the broken mirror...
may b I shud just.. Let Go..
But.. If lovin u was wrong I don't wan't 2 b right...(cal me a romantic fool..)
"u kno its love..wen all u want is that person 2 b happy,even if u r not a part of their happiness"..n I kno..I truely loved u...
Sometimes.. I still feel..if only....

Groke : Drink To Brainstorm

Exams were nearin'..Me n friend Kulks were sick of readin'..as usual..:-)
Extracted some money out of 'gud boys in the hostel' and headed to juice stall.
In a mood to innovate..we ordered .. one-by-two grape juice n a coke...
Filled the half full glasses of Grape juice with coke..n Groke was ready.. (practical preperation for chemistry exam?)
Do try it....

Swades: A step in the right direction

I just can't help admiring such a beautifull movie and it's theme, which appeals to the intellect..
here are 2 more good links...




Recently I watched the movie SWADES, it's a must see for all of us.
We spend lot of time on mediocre movies and insignificant things...why not spend some time on a solid, wellmade, quality movie with a superb theme...realistic looks...haunting music and great performances..the movie has a soul...

Ofcourse the movie has its flaws ..like little too lenghty, tries to preach too much....it's not as entertaining as Lagaan..but but the honesty, simplicity, idea/concept behind it strikes on the face...
At some moment in the movie..I am sure we will all feel connected....It touches your heart and mind..As a whole it's commendable effort..

For those hu missed it..this is the one article which inspired Swades.

And this one is by the one who got inspired by Swades..

I have bragged enough..go watch it, give it a thought, and try to do your bit about it...