Thursday, May 28, 2009

'Just Lather, That's All' & Some Thoughts

Internet is a one of the best things to happen to our generation.
Well, I just tripped on this, one of my favorite short stories, which’s a part of my 2nd P.U.C (12th) curriculum.
This is one of those chapters that stayed with me even after the exams were over (:P)
Part because we had such an amazing teacher who kept us interested in ‘English’ class, which’s generally ignored by 'Science' students.
Will leave you with this.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Anil Kumble - Man of IPL - 09

The story was way too similar to IPL 2008, RCB on a losing streak, looking down & beat. To cut the story short, ‘Hopeless’ is the single word.

Enter Abracadabra Anil Kumble as captain.

Retired Test Player, smirked the people who don’t know the man well.

But for those who know that behind that gentle emotionless face lies a competitor as fierce as you get, there was hope.

Throughout his career he hardly showed any emotion or sledged, but no one ever tried harder or played the game tougher.

The under celebrated, battle hardened, gentle giant rose to the challenge magnificently. As a captain and player, he lead from front.
The bunch of losers transformed into a team of winners.

And the smiling assassin was striking at will. It’s said that he always thought the batsmen out, reminder was the game against Panjab, Kumble vs Yuvaraj

And no one deserved to lift the trophy more than Kumble. Sad that RCB ended up one blow short. It's heartbreaking.(Yeah, it still hurts)

It was vintage Kumble with a captain's spell in the finals, that best epitomized what Kumble is all about.

Bowling the first over to Gilchrist (fresh from a 35 ball 85 assault in the semi final), and outsmarting him.
Taking the bull by horns and taming.

And then coming back to remove dangerous looking Symonds.
That's what spearheads of attacks do.

When the DC were about to accelerate, removing Rohit Sharma.
Delivering when it matters.

Wicket of Venugopal Rao to the last delivery of the spell was a bonus.

Well, I have memories of mostly hearing radio commentary when Kumble was in his pomp.
Here he was turning clock back, at his very best and it's a sight!

For this one reason, no great fan of IPL to start with, now I am a convert.

Thanks to Lalit Modi, decades from now, when I will be telling tales of Kumble to my grandchildren(:P), who may not be able to relate to test/one day match, I can always refer to the IPL-09 :-)

It's cliched, but let me say, 'Form of the game is temporary; Anil Kumble's class is permanent'

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

RCB Rocks

I know it's little too early, but win or lose, for the first time in the IPL history I was confident to cheer for RCB, and they pulled it off in style
Salute Kumble (Written on 14-03-06 repeated here here and here)

Three of my own lines :-)

May be it’s the rainy, cloudy, breezy, drizzly weather of Bengaluru now, 3 of my own lines here :-)

1) Like waves in the beach, you are, all the time on my mind, as the shore pushes back, waves go back, for a moment, only to come back, constantly, (little scary but!) so wonderful.
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2) You are appearing & disappearing like moonlight on a cloudy night.
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3) Are you really everywhere or is it that just I see? :P
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Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Perfect Indian Car - Skoda Yeti?

Sometime back, in the BBC's Auto Mag, Top Gear's editorail, Vardhan Kondvikar, articulated what was on my mind for quite sometime, a perfect Indian Car.

”My perfect Indian car would be a little SUV, priced about Rs 8 lakh with a punchy but small diesel engine, under 2.0 litres, with a manual gearbox. It won’t be immensely well equipped but it will have electric mirrors and windows, climate control and good plastics. ABS and airbags of course. And flexible seating for five, with split and tumble. It’ll feel like a proper shrunken SUV, and we’ll love it.”

He went on add that he had the Mitsubishi Pajero Pinin in mind, and also mentioned the failed Ford Fusion.

I am betting on the new Skoda Yeti just from initial impressions. (No road test reviews yet)

Based on the concept showcased in 2005, unveiled at Geneva Motor Show this March, it has just begun series production, and to be launched in India, early 2010(at around Rs 10 lakh?)

It seems to have all ingredients right. Hope it's priced right too.

Start saving :-)