Monday, November 21, 2005

Just a thought, abt Bangalore(crumbling?)

"Heavy rain batters Bangalore"
"Gowda-Murthy spat overshadows Bangalore IT"

True, but I feel that our view is not balanced enough.Have you observed the constant -ve vibe, the over hyping(typical with our media?) of problems in Bangalore.Are we failing to look at the other side? Isn't Bangalore still a great place to be? Agreed, the International Airport and Metro Rail project, and some of the flyover constructions are moving(if @ all!) @ snails pace(just like traffic!).But considering the rate @ which the city has been growing from past decade, the very basic necessities electricity and water are fairly adequate isn't it? The city is kinda clean, with garbage collection fairly in place.That's apart from the warm n friendly people and the nature's gift of natural AC throughout the year.
No way I am taking away the problems city is having.We do have an indifferent govt and major problems with traffic(roads) and drainage, as highlighted during recent heavy rains. As one of the mags rightly related the problem to disappearing of lakes(The real estate boom gobbling up the lakes, only around 65 left out of around 400 at once)highlighting "if city's gardens and tree cover were lungs the interconnected lakes played the role of kidneys, flushing out the excess water when the city gets soaked to bones." Point, huh? Didn't we invite/deserve the revenge of lakes?
Perhaps time for, we the people, to wake up and play our roles as brain of the city?.It shouldn't be too tough/long before things are set right, considering active citizens here.
But it's sensationalizing the -ve thoughts, that disgusts me.
Ella ok, 'Bangalore crumbling' over hype yaake?

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