Wednesday, February 22, 2006

'Rang De Basanthi' Rocks?

Watched RDB, long time back with office gang. A very late review!

After watchin the movie, I felt a lump in my throat, I thought this nation has a future.After seeing the tears, standing ovation and applause of audience I thought, this movie is going to cause a revolution...n I wanted to do something for the nation, after hearing
"aye saala
abhi abhi huaa yaqeen ki aag hai mujh mein kahi..."

Relax...its' just a movie...:-)

You might have read above extreme kind of reviews in innumerable no. of reviews of RDB(and some, the addicts of same old dance-fight routine Hindi movies, callin it bakwas as well). Let me put it straight, I won't call it a classic, but it's a well made, must watch movie of recent times.
Well, if u havn't seen/heard the story, here's the synopsis...thanks to youthcurry

Inspired by a diary written by her grandfather, foreign kudi comes to India to make a documentary on India’s
revolutionary freedom fighters – Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad and others who laid down their life for the country.
She casts five young men for these roles – none of whom can identify with the idea of making any such sacrifices.

‘Is desh mein hai kya? Population?? Corruption???” says one. “Mujhe to jaise degree mili I’m outta here”.
Meanwhile they’re hanging loose at the masti ki ‘paathshala’.

But, somewhere along the way the reluctant actors find themselves moved by the passion of the long-dead revolutionaries.
And inspired to actually stand up and take on the System.

In the film both the 1930s British India and the India today run parallel and intersect with each other at crucial points.
As the film reaches its resolution the line between past and present blurs, as they become one in spirit...

It's a fun movie with a message, an attempt to merge preachy Swades with breezy DCH.
The first half, we all can connect to, where the college goers hangout in tea shops n dhabas, where as in second half it kinda gets filmy(the scenes of lathi charge, compared to Jallianwala Bhag massacre? killing of defence minister and the shootout in climax).
Is the system that bad? Is it the right way to change it? Isn't the movie too simplistic?
Over analyzing might result in a documentary, but that's where this movie scores, reaching out to masses, a right mix of past and present, meaningful cinema and entertainment value...
The method is quite debatable but not the intent/concept.It does succeed as a whistle blower, coming 2 the the catch line 'A Generation Awakens'. a la Bhagat Singh.
For proof search/check blogger/technocrati returning thousands of results!
The movie has raw feel/edginess to keep you engaged and the entire crew is simply first rate(that's an understatement), a true ensemble movie.
Watch out Aamir's method acting in the scene where he cries inconsolably with food stuck in his mouth, over his friend's death, quite effective though! And the vintage Rehman music's a high point.

To borrow it from Sue(The 'foreign kudi' character in the movie, "this story needs to be told")
This movie needs to be watched...


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... Good coverage, I also think the movie is a well-thought and well executed project.. Lot of credit should go to the staff, in casting to dialogs to editing - in fact, the the dude who mixed all the close ups, slo-mos and likes in the editing table needs a bottle:) The cast, one thought, was good, and all the actors did their bit.. And Aamir, still has fire in his wherever, tho he looks slightly older for a college lad!

eric said...

yes,I do agree Aamir looks older for a college lad!!

Good VK.... good coverage....

Concept of the movie is good.....I liked it, even though the climax is not practical in real life.. but should go on the concept of the movie....

Nice movie

Manu said...
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Manu said...

Hi Vk,
After seeing this review of yours, I have planned to watch the movie.

Very good review...

Keep up the good work...

Take care...