Monday, May 22, 2006

What's happening to us?

Caste-based reservation in higher education and in private industry too? WTF?

We are aware of the proposed, utterly idiotic caste-based reservation in higher education and in private industry and what's happening around it. I am short of words to express my angst.

Yeah, I am taking it for granted that, we are all against such a disgusting thought. How can it make sense to anyone?

Most of us have signed petitions and forwarded email/sms against it, which is not quite enough, as we can see.

Well, we had enough and it's high time that we act. As some us already have, let's join the protests(black-out, march, hunger strike...). Let's fight the evil.

I, personally request you to read through this in case you have missed it on TV.HRD Minister Arjun Singh, in an exclusive interview to Karan Thapar on CNN-IBN's Devil's Advocate

This one throws more light.

Read, learn, think and decide how we want the tomorrow to be in our country.(If you haven't already).ACT NOW.


Vikram said...

Down Down Arjun Singh. Down Down Congress and Manmohan Singh. It is appaling that Mr. Manmohan Singh has not spoken about it in public for this long and now he wants people to have faith in his govt. Doctors have shown faith and even the engineers and IT professionals have to join this movement. Let this movement be a prologue to any social and political injustice meeted by todays corrupt democracy. Let the Generation Awaken.

Sushma said...

Oh Yeah we live in a free democratic country huh! Yes this is the time to ACT time for us to get to street as well.

Chaya said...

Enough is Enough.Even Tolerance can tolerate to some extent.
When a celebrity is on the death bed , everyone wants the best doctor in the world to attend him and rescue him.When the life savers are best , we can hope best from them.
Its high time that governament opens its eyes and looks into what is real and what is true.
Please lets be true atleast to our inner self

Narayan said...

sumne "we live in free democracy, time to act now, blab blab" antha kate helodu sulabha. Allello circle nalli koogodu, kallu yeseyodu ella waste. Election bandaga neeathage vote haki, desha tantane sari hogutte.

Vasudha said...

Whom do we blame???

Its us...the educated many of us had gone out for voting during the elections....very less, right? May be thats the reason ....

Reservations should be discontinued and if our country is to survive and be a leader in future we need to open many 24 hour libraries as well as free education for economically weaker sections. But not on the basis of caste, it is just correcting the wrong with another wrong. Think of the country and future, we need to raise our voice and crush these currupt policitians who for their own selfish motives are dividing the nation.

Arun Tumati said...

I think most of us don't understand the root level issues and cause of these kind of decisions. It takes more than just opposing or supporting things.

We are a huge country with varied living conditions. Not every one is at the same plane of intellect. Reasons might be many, but most importantly the reasons are lack of exposure/awareness. This is because of the environments they grow up or live. Simple putting them on level playing competition isn't fair to those under-privileged or deprived people. It might sound irrational to people who are priveleged for all the good things and think they have to be treated fair, but for once look at it from those deprived people's eyes.

No matter how much we work on improving teaching and emphasize on primary education, we all know that people from rural areas cannot compete with urban areas on a level playing field. It is due to a different kind of exposure the urban people are exposed to. We are not talking about economic conditions of people here, but it is the supporting environment at home, or in the place we live etc. It makes a lot of difference on how we get built (thought process, mindset, sharpness etc). Of course there are exceptions, but by and large this is the case.

Also let's understand how and why the economic conditions are different for different people. What is the root cause. Historically, it has been because of the caste based indifference and injustice we have shown to some sects of people. Now after so many years (of so called independence) they are still not able to move out of it. What are we doing to get the bigger part of the population out of this? The only way is to give them a helping hand and pull them out.

I am not saying reservation is good or bad nor is the solution, but it is definitely being taken up for this cause. There might be other better ways, but simply opposing doesn't solve the problem. If this blog is used to crib and bitch about things without understanding deeply and without coming out with ideas to solve, we don't need a blog for it, we are anyway good doing it in our daily lives.

And bringing up merit/intellect in people is not a single generation task. It usually takes couple of generations to get to the intellect level where we can compete effectively. But if we don't give it a start, we will never get there. India has lot of intelligent people, but more than that there could be lot more who are currently being deprived of becoming one. It is important for us to explore that potential while we bank on current intellect sources (the so called upper caste/general category population).

Wake up guys, know your roots and think of solutions.