Monday, August 14, 2006

Omkara wows

Salute Vishal Bharadwaj.Even Shakespeare would have been proud of this adoption of Othello.

Don't listen to all the trash talk like 'extensive use of foul language and hard to understand UP dialect'. If you are hell bent on nit picking it's easy to find flaws, but this one's a special movie, go watch it.

Rarely Raja Sen does a good job in rediff ! There's nothing much left for me to say.

Ajay, Konkan, Naseer all are extraordinary but we expect them to be! Kareena is quite ok too, Vivek's good first time after 'Company' and Bips is sensual! Well, direction, casting, music, screenplay, editing, costumes, settings/location...everything is just perfect.

A lot has been written about Saif's performance in Omkara, but all of them inevitably fall short.(Is it the same dude who did DCH?)
Yeah we knew he could act after DCH days (Thanks to Kal Ho Na Ho, Ek Haseena Thi, Salam Namaste, Hum Tum, Parineeta, Being Cyrus).But here he's exceptional, you love him and hate him @ the same time.
In the defining moment of the movie where Langda is passed over for promotion, see the range of expressions that pass across Saif’s face – from surprise to bewilderment to shock to disappointment to resentment to rage to cold acceptance...
Heart warming performance...
Evil has never been so lip smackingly good! Just give him all the awards, now.

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