Monday, September 11, 2006

Organizations: How To Beat the Monday Morning Blues?

Declare leave on Monday !:-)
Nope, think of it.You work on Saturday, and Sunday being...well, Sunday, freak out!
And then you have all of Monday to relax, or to get your work done in any(government) office.You can shop in that 'always full on weekends' mall at your snail's pace with salesperson enthusiastically attending you(else you have to run behind him on the weekend) or watch that blockbuster movie for which you don't get ticket on weekends. Add to it the bonus of less traffic and more parking space. And the list of pros goes on...

And coming to the cons, working on Saturday spoils the Friday evening! Some use Saturday for preparatons for the Sunday! And in the corporate world, you have clients, and lot of other details to take care of.But at least we can have it as optional, to work on Saturday and take leave on Monday/any other day.(not sure how many organizations already have this flexi leave policy!)

Asking for too much? I don't think so.

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