Thursday, October 12, 2006

Extreme Programming: A gentle introduction

That's the topic of my presentation in office. Was little concerned about holding the participants interest for around 45 mins(without a ppt to bank on!)
I did try few tips from presentation zen. Long way to go :-(
But going by the feedbacks, it's a good start though!:-)

Coming back to the subject, Extreme Programming(XP) is a deliberate and disciplined approach to software development, and the most interesting aspect of it is pair programming.

The Rules n Practices are surprisingly simple.

Do read through ,the entire site's worth a read.

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Sushma said...

I am one of those who has experiend it. The learnings..
-You cant use XP everywhere
-Pair programming has its own disadvantages.. works only when both are on same pace technically and in domain knowledge
-Xp burns out developer.(at leadt in our team)
-You wont like it if you dont like micromanagement.
-And most mportant... plan your Sick leaves (!?) otherwise it will impact velocity.. huh...!!!

just few negativie points.. ashte. otherwise its grerat :-)