Wednesday, November 29, 2006

On the top of the world, again!

Just when the KP's becoming a distant memory, we did trek last week.

Why do we, on the weekend, instead of enjoying the creature comforts in the city, decide to sweat, struggle n trek? To make new friends, rejuvenate, have fun, enjoy the beauty of nature? Or just try pushing yourself to the limits?
It's all of the above and more.

As you push your (lazy!) body/mind, you realize, how tiny you are in front of nature, the importance of food and preciousness of water, appreciate and agree that nature's most beautiful, things are never perfect but you realize the strength you have to adapt, and how everybody's equal in front of nature. The solitude, away from maddening crowd, traffic, pollution and the hurry/rush. Relaxed, @ ur own pace, hardly anything artificial in sight. And finally when you make it to the top, the feeling of conquering/on the top of the world...and with the good sleep, magically the exhaustion's ignored.Then there's the beautiful sunrise/sunset on the top of the mountains, as you walk through the clouds, near to the stars, with the cold breeze(the air that's so pure), under moonlight...the feeling of inexplicable joy...
Heaven meets earth, on the top of mountains...there are hardly few feelings which come close, and hardly any words do justice to the moment.

More than anything else I believe the journey's to the soul, than the body...And last week's one such journey @ Kotachadri.

More (travelogue/photos) to follow...


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(Wait for the snaps!)

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