Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The High-Performance Entrepreneur

The High-Performance Entrepreneur: Golden Rules for Success in Today's World by Subroto Bagchi

It's a must read for anybody with an iota of interest in entrepreneurship, and also any one who's working/thinking of working/worked for a startup. Yeah, it's kind of focused on building a large enterprise (read, like MindTree) and the chapters(18 of them) might feel little discontinuous. But Bagchi strikes a chord, with his simple narrative/story telling style of writing. Make no mistake it's not a romantic take on entrepreneurship. It's a brutally honest at the same time well meaning, candid & compelling read. Kind of must have manual. Each of 18 chapters are just plain awesome and I really can't highlight a line or two here, since the book's full of highlights. Let me just post the interesting stuff in the end!

The Last Word

You did not read a 'how to' book before you fell in love. Yet, in some ways, the books on romance may have helped.

You really don't need to read this book – for that matter any book- to start your own enterprise.

And lest I forget, no amount of reading about romance is equal to the act of falling in love. Like many books on romance, I hope this one will only help you in some small way every now and then. But remember, the actual experience is in the enactment.

So, go on and do it.

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