Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Outward Bound Learning @ Pegasus

With the Objective of 'having fun while learning' we (around 70 of us from Valtech) started our expedition @ 4 pm on 19th Friday. For somebody new to the organization like me, it’s good opportunity to make friends too. After around 4 hrs of arduous journey (on our typical Bangalore roads, making us feel @ home!) we made it to Pegasus @ around 8 pm.
Thankfully we had good food and facilities which we enjoyed throughout our stay.
The next 2 days were memorable for the learning, fun, friends made, discipline and much more...
All the activities in sub teams gave the exposure to personality types & view points and the agility (mental & physical) of agile Valtech team's put to stern test! :-)
(If I put the details of activities here, it might spoil the fun for anybody visiting in future)
The learning’s were immediate (Action Learning Cycle), which made it all more effective.
I jot down a few here

-Listen attentively
-Understand the big picture/objective
-Analyze thoroughly
-Clarify, don’t assume
-Be open (Johari Window)
-Make optimum use of resources (esp time)
-Constant feedback with all stake holders
-Take calculated risks
-Respect the fact that each individual has a different way of doing things and don't force your style/micromanage
-Collaboration b/w the individual team members and the sub teams is very important for the success of the whole team
-Practice, to bridge the gap between knowing and doing

There were many more lessons learnt, much more fun had, and memorable moments, which I really can't put into words here...

Finally when we arrived in Bangalore on 21st Sunday around 8 Pm, having met the objective of ‘having fun and learning' completely met, though physically tired, the experience had rejuvenated the jaded, body, mind & soul.

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