Thursday, February 01, 2007

My Indian world cup team

1) Saurav Ganguly - Dada!
Back and how. Looks fitter and better and in form. Can bowl too. Expect him to anchor the innings.
And well, Dada Mein Hai Dum!

2) Robin Uttappa - New (surprise) destroyer weapon.
Kinda cultured Shehwag! New and can be the shock factor.
Have high hopes on this lad to give flying starts

3) Shehwag - The blaster!
Forget the recent poor form. He's a matchwinner. Can bowl too.
The move to have him may fire/backfire, but worth the gamble.
I expect him to come back hungry (n angry!). And he can be dangerous at number 3!

4) Tendulkar - The Master.
Can bowl and mentor the team too. Was out of form for too long, raising question marks, but read the warning signs from the recent matches.
The best bet at number 4.
I hope to see the vintage Tendulkar, that we all know, the God!

5) Dravid - The wall
The glue to hold the middle order together.
Just Rock Solid.

6) Yuvaraj - The dasher.
After 3 back to back man of the series awards when he was getting in to the zone of his own, freak injuries happened.
Looks rusty with the bat. Positive's that he's fit.
Hope he does take off.

7) Dhoni - The belter.
Can bat @ number 3 too. Since no slot's vacant, he's here.
Better send him, after 35th over, for the fall of any wicket.
If we're to win the world cup, we need more of Dhoni specials.

8) Pathan - The all-rounder!
Kinda confused soul. Ironically, the rate of detoriation of his bowling form’s inversely proportional to his improvement in batting!
In bowling, can we see the 'Pathan' of old?

9) Agarkar - The wicket taker!
Senior in the side. Seems to have overcome inconsistency.
Glimpses of his batting prowess are on display too.
His wicket taking ability’s crucial

10)Harbajan - The turbanator
Out of form of late, but a better one day bowler than Kumble(not sure I can say this!) and can bat too.
His economy rate's outstanding, though outside subcontinent he hasn't been the same.
Can he spin the web?

11) Zaheer - The spearhead.
The come back kid. The days in wilderness seems to have done wonders for him. He bowls faster, better and with a never say die attitude.
Can swing his bat too.
The spearhead of the attack.

12) Kumble - Can anytime take Harbhajan's slot.
For more check here

13)Kartik - The spirited.
He knows he's no Dhoni. Now can make it to the team on batting alone. Fields well too.
Throw a challenge and he's upto it. That’s the spirit!

14 &/ 15) Munaf/Sreesanth - Tough call. A fit Munaf's any day better than Sreesanth and fit into the team as far as one dayers are considered.
But fitness's a big question mark.
Though he bleeds runs in one dayers/inconsistent, Sreesant’s verve's hard to ignore.
This's a tough call, unless both get a call

15/the unfortunates) - Sorry, Romesh pawar, Gambhir and Laxman!


Nitin G. K. said...

Good team, a few suggestions though.
The batting order should not be as who comes after whom, but should be as who comes in which over, and what is the situation to be handled there.
Second, you cant have the vintage Sachin at number four. Numbers three (to a certain extent) and number four and five play to hold the innings together. They are not going to be the dashers. I would rather like Dravid to be at number four and Sachin at number five.. Continued...

Nitin G. K. said...

..Sachin at number five, as if the need arises, Sachin can accelerate the innings.. Sachin is more capable at this than Dravid.

All in all, this is a good team, and probably the best available here. I find the need to include Laxman in the team, but the question will be- where?

Vinay Krishna said...

Yeah, that's a good point.
I put Sachin @ number 4, is considering the -ve scenario of early wickets.
Dravid would slow down the proceddings too much, mounting pressure, and Sachin can handle better.
But I think, in reality, Dravid will hold on to his number 3 position and push Shehwag down :-(

Hopefully they do go with "The batting order should not be as who comes after whom, but should be as who comes in which over"

Nitin G. K. said...

Maybe, but i dont think both Uthappa and Sehwag wont play in the same game. They have similar batting styles, and unless the situations require them both, I bet on playing one of them. That should also put some pressure on Veeru, for he would treasure his wicket too! If he gets out cheap, how will he prove his salt!?

Me said...

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