Friday, April 06, 2007

Mungaru Male

Apart from the media, we are flooded with FWD mails with lyrics, dialogues, audio/video songs and SMS. And then there’s flood of Mungaru Male inspired songs/dialogues.

Well, I had decided not to write, but as the movie celebrates its 100th day, may be I too am charmed! (Of course by a rare gem in Kannada)

Personally I liked the lyrics more than anything else in the movie and though my personal favorites are Anisutide yaako and the title track, here’s a sample from Aralutiru Jeevada Geleya (the sad version of Anisutide yaako)

“Maathige meerida bhaavada selethave sundara
Nalumeyu thumbida manasige baaradu besara
Baala daariyali bere yaadaru chandira baruvanu namma jothe
Kaanuvenu avanalle ninnane”

Pain can’t b more beautiful. And here’s a review, whish does justice to the movie.

Yeah, often the best things in life are simple...

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Praveen Kulkarni said...

Review post maadidre saakittu. Lyrics blogige barodu baaki ittu...
Jai bolo Harish Ramachandra ki!