Monday, July 02, 2007

Back to school - Update One: Marketing Management

Well sometime back I started going to school, and here's the first update.

We completed Marketing Management in our first term of PGDBM program. It’s hard to put into words the whole experience but I just scribble here the highlights which I remember!

It was an incredible experience with professor Dr Ratnam with his inimitable style. I must say, an awesome start to the program. There was no dearth of sound bites, ideas, real world examples, jokes and invaluable insights. From wisdom of Vedas to marketing insights from Kingfisher air hostesses, there was never a dull moment. The man of immense (theory & practical) knowledge that he is, apart from marketing we took away lot of pearls of wisdom, common sense in simple words like
-Always make best use of whatever is available (optimum use of resources)
-Originality/innovation/creativity is the differentiator
-Emphasis on putting knowledge into practical use

Some other key points?
-In business Profit is THE word!
-Marketing is as much art as science.

Quotable quotes?
-Business of a business is to continue to be in business with growth and profit.
-Differentiate or die

The journey’s far from perfect. There were a few minor issues like the conduct of course could have been better planned than keeping everything to the last minute. On the positive side people at BMA are pleasant, do take feedback and quick to respond.
Yeah we did find it hard to meet the demands of the rigorous course, along with work and personal life. It was too much in too little time and we were of unanimous opinion that we could have drawn more from the professor, had we put in more effort/if there was more time!

But for minor quibbles, it’s all (ah those tests & assignments) worth it since we had fun and did learn, as we were blessed with an enthusiastic batch with a range of experience in different fields and awesome faculty.

Well, long way to go, but it’s said, well begun is half done:-)


Abhi said...

Sure , he's a marvel. The immense knowledge and wisdom coupled with the non-student-teacher relation that he shared , He's one of the best professors known to me so far.

Anonymous said...

Get notes on everything and gimme a xerox!...just kidding :).
All the best dude, for your program and wish to c some implementation of your knowledge very sooon in real world.


mohan said...

good start to a good program,Dr ratnam is a knowledge mine when it comes to Marketing and i am looking forward for his other subject also,as the saying goes "Wine and Wisdom matures with time" and he is a perfect example to it ALL THE BEST TO ALL !!!!

Moses said...

It was indeed "Exceeding our Expectations!"...
one more important point is that batchmates are Awesome........
and Dr.Ratnam is Guru....

"All the Best for coming courses!"..


Anonymous said...

Dr. Ratnam passed away a few days ago. May his soul rest in peace.