Sunday, September 23, 2007

Back to School – Update three: Economics of Markets

The story/journey so far – Recap

Recalling a line from the beginning of the wonderful book, Economics by Paul A. Samuelson & William D Nordhaus “Generations of students, often to their surprise, have discovered how stimulating Economics can be.”
Can’t agree more!
And professor Dr Amir Ullah Khan made it all more fascinating.
Do have a look at that CV and if there’s a need for me add a line, he’s all that and better :-)

There were so many new things/new way of looking at things that I am really constrained by time and words here.

It sounds like a lofty statement, but if there’s single subject that you have to study for better understanding of the world in current era, it’s Economics.
More than anything else, the improvement in living standards of people depends on Economic success of countries- in education, investment, foreign trade and healthcare. So the subject’s ever evolving, and it’s scope ever increasing.

It’s said that one of the main reasons you should do an MBA is to increase the awareness on the things that you need to know but you don’t know that you need to know and after studying Economics (thanks to professor Dr Amir Ullah Khan for making it all more interesting), we can’t but agree.

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