Monday, October 22, 2007

Zen and the Art of Systems Analysis

There’s a real world with sunshine and rain, laughter and tears, beauty and horror, and someday it will all end. But in the meantime we need to develop systems that work in that real world.

The book, Zen and the Art of Systems Analysis – Meditations on Computer Systems Development by Patrick McDermott, is opposite of academic-read it to open your mind to see different, and get out of the box.

Here’s some abstract

Yin and Yang are represented by the dark and light areas in the circle. There is a little piece of light in the dark, and vice versa. This is because there is always a little bit of Yin in every Yang; there is light within dark, strong within the weak, good in evil, and vice versa. These Yin Yang pairs are sometimes called opposites, but that is not accurate- they are actually complementary. One could not exist without the other.
Likewise, your system will need to blend business with technology, people with machines and analysis with design if it is to succeed.

And that’s the whole point of my interest in Systems Analysis!

Chapters consider the essence of Analysis, Design, Consulting, Business, Economics, Culture, Methodology, and Modeling. If you want to ponder the significance of information systems analysis in the scheme of the universe, this book is for you.

The best line? One of the Guiding Principles that underlie Systems Analysis and this book 'There are many ways to the Mountaintop'

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