Sunday, February 03, 2008

The life of man upon earth is a warfare

The 33 strategies of war by Robert Green 'From the bloody battles of history, strategies for winning the subtle social game of everyday life', the book’s sinfully charismatic.

It’s a distillation of the timeless wisdom contained in the lessons and principles of warfare. The strategic ideal in the war - being supremely rational and emotionally balanced, striving to win with minimum bloodshed and loss of resources - has infinite application and relevance to our daily battles.

Drawing on incidents from history and then taking you through the minds of greatest strategists, this brilliant book, helps you with insights, from grey areas to classic dilemma of life 'to hold on or to move on?'. From basic classical warfare to the dirty, unconventional strategies of modern times, and not just from warfare but also from sports, politics and business, the book has it all and the strategies can be applied to struggles of every scale: organized warfare, business battles, and politics of a group, even personal relationships. This is not a ‘how to’ book, instead it presents with so many ideas with examples that each gets to choose his own.

The book has 33 chapters each devoted to a strategy and divided into five sections under

1. Self-Directed Warfare
2. Organizational (Team) Warfare
3. Defensive Warfare
4. Offensive Warfare
5. Unconventional (Dirty) Warfare.

The last section is the longest and most relevant!

Well, we live in interesting times :-)

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