Monday, October 13, 2008

Raghu Dixit: Indo-World_Folk-Rock: Music that's Really Different and Definitely Rocks

One fine morning on the way to office, “Ninna Poojege Bande mahadeshwara...” a fresh, deep, throaty/grungy voice, burst from FM.
Beats were western, but a voice that’s folksy!...
Interesting, but I still tried ignoring it as some crazy chap/one song wonder, as is the norm these days in the world of reality shows/3 minutes fame.

But when I heard it the second time, I just got hooked. There’s something magical about it that it’s so enchanting.

I couldn’t help googling and got introduced to the world of Raghu Dixit

Raghu Dixit at "Namaste India” in Tokyo, thanks to my friend Prithvi for the photo :-)

Raghu Dixit’s music is a seamless amalgamation of Indian beats and sounds from around the world, befittingly labeling his music as Indo World Folk Rock.

A gold medalist in Masters in Microbiology and a proficient Indian classical dancer in Bharatnatyam, Raghu Dixit, is now a self-taught guitarist-singer-composer-songwriter, strumming guitar wearing colorful lungis, anklets and beads!
His successful first band Antaragni(meaning ‘the fire within'), that was the rage at college festivals and music tours, and shows, finally broke up in 2005. In his own words “We were always on the edge of something great. That itself was a great turmoil. Despite all this, we would perform mostly for free or very little money.”
Not the one to make compromises in music, he still kept that ‘fire within’ burning and after 9 long years, the album, finally produced by Bollywood musician duo Vishal-Shekar was out in February 2008.

Words of Vishal and Shekar sum it the best.

“Raghu Dixit makes music that we love to listen to. It's honest, beautiful and moves one in an almost primal way. You can feel each note, each word, and each texture of his soul! The sound, the energy, the fury, the passion, the emotion, the simplicity, everything that music should be about is right here in this album. Raghu has this huge voice and sings unlike anything you've ever heard before. Backed up by a band that obviously feels his music, this album is truly a self-propelled, irresistible creative journey through the uniquely personal vibe of Raghu Dixit.” - Vishal and Shekar

Here’s a review

“I confess I was desperate to get my songs heard. When a musician says ‘I play for my own joy and satisfaction’ I don’t believe it one bit,” he says. After Antaragni disintegrated, he decided he won’t have a fixed band. The Raghu Dixit Project today is a floating group of musicians who play together, with each song left to the musician’s interpretation.

His debut film music, in Kannada, Psycho has created a sensation and the song ‘Ninna Poojege...’ is the current rage.

Namma Kannadadha huduga antha swalpa jaasti khushi :-)

He has a cult following & he's on a world tour as well.
Well I hope, as they say, it’s just the beginning.
The dude makes music that’s really different and definitely rocks.
And the world is waiting...


~rAGU said...

i heard it on youtube. it is really nice.

priyanka.a.p said...

c had raghu performing fr our college management fest...SDMIMD.mysore.. m still not able to get over his voice!!
awesome personality!!!
awesome humouR!

Vinay Krishna said...

Yea :-)