Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rama Sene's Pub Attack + Pink Chaddi Campaign + Pink Condom Campaign

End Result for Me & You = Too Much Fun :-)

I thought the Mangalore Pub Attack by Rama Sene was a cheap publicity stunt.
Then the media outcry was plain silly.
But then this Pink Chaddi brigade outdid them both!
Quite logically(!) the next one came, The Pink Condom Campaign

After so long, just when the temptation to blog overcame the reason, that it's all inconsequential, I found one from greatbong as good as it can get :-)

For all the entertainment, Jai Rama Sene, Love You Pink Chaddi Women, & Sorry Pink Condom People :P

Well, I never thought days of recession can be so much fun :-)

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