Friday, March 12, 2010

A Cab Traveler's Life :P

6.00 AM, Alarm rings. Wake up from deep sleep.
No luxury of newspaper on commode :D
Brush, bath, dress.
6.32, hear the sound of news paper being thrown at door.
While browsing through it, a second alarm rings, 6.45!
Time to tie shoes, lock & walk.
As always 5 min early, at pick up point, at 6.55.
By 7.05, after a half tea, just about to start cursing the driver, he arrives.
Get in and people in cab smile the same routine smile.
Thus begins my long journey to ITPL!
It's only just 5 days since I stared using office cab, for the first time (after 6 yrs!) & I already feel like I have joined the army!


Nani said...

Ha ha haaa....

Vivek D said...

nice one :)

Praveen Kulkarni said...

Army !! LOL

Praveen Kulkarni said...

..20-30 soldier.. ;)