Monday, April 12, 2010

Buzz In Town

Sometime back, I attended a bloggers roundtable with Dr. Amitabh Saran, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Buzzintown - an online portal for events and entertainment.

True to the site, meet was informal & fun. In a free wheeling chat, Amitabh spoke about various topics. From how they source dynamic content from end users, various entities of the industry including venue managers, artistes and theatre / event production companies, to the revenue generation, through advertising, ticketing, content syndication, corporate sponsorships, and affiliate relationships.
From the vision of the portal they had from day one, to the challenges was an informative, interesting & exhilarating discussion.
Though he smiles saying 'Luck' is the most important factor for an entrepreneur, he doesn't seem to have left much for it :-)

The specialty of Buzzintown is dynamic coverage of local events which include food festivals, plays, concerts, book reads, exhibitions and expos, which are not likely to be covered by mainstream media.
Yes 'Buzzintown keeps users tapped into the cultural pulse of their towns' :-)
Most ratings and reviews on the site are by users rather than in-house critics, allowing you to obtain a cross-sectional view.

Starting in Jan 2008, they are now across cities in India, United States & Canada.
A testimonial to their growing popularity is the huge number of fans on Facebook Page.

They are adding to the travel section, featuring getaways beyond the usual, guiding the consumers to experience the place rather than just visiting it.

You can get updates through Newsletter, RSS, Facebook, Twitter and SMS, while 'selective subscription' feature is 'Coming Soon'.

Then there is a TV section too!
They seem to be doing so many things, it’s hard to explain in a post!
Well, that’s why there is the Portal, Buzzintown :-)

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