Monday, June 07, 2010

Lonely Planet Magazine Indian Edition

My newfound interest in travel writing resulted in me going through the travel magazines in India.
And then I came across the May issue of Lonely Planet Magazine Indian Edition
To sum it up in one sentence, it’s the iPhone of travel magazines :-)
With a good mix of Foreign & Indian, popular & unexplored places & a variety of budget options, it appeals to all kinds of readers.
The photos are breathtaking and you can contribute too, via the postcard section.
The magazine oozes quality & unbelievably, the 200+ page treasure is priced Rs 100 only!
(Importantly the 'where to stay' sections don’t look sponsored, unlike some of the other magazines.)
Each month the magazine comes with a theme and the regulars like ‘easy trips’, ‘city in day’, ‘mini-guides’ etc.
The information is practical; the content clear with simple words, presentation is in an informal tone.
Sitting in your couch, you will be transported to places as you flip the pages.
Highly recommended.

Some more
- Here’s the Facebook page
- Travel Well Site – intended vibrant social community for travelers. My gripe is that it’s hard to navigate/share the links from this site.
- Personally, I envy the man, Vardhan Kondvikar, editor of Lonley Planet Indian Edition, earlier the editor of BBC Topgear India!
- In spite of best of my efforts couldn't get the first 2 issues, Feb & March, would be grateful if anyone can help.

Update: Feb & March issues were delivered at my door :-)
Debolin & people @ timesgroup, I can't really thank you enough.

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Nitin G. K. said...

Can try subscribing to the magazine and maybe get the first two editions too.. :-)