Tuesday, February 15, 2011


(An attempt at 55 word fiction)

‘Inspector, my wife works as maid and has not returned’
‘You know the house?’
‘Yes, though I never went inside’.
No answer at the door, on pushing, it opens to darkness!
Inspector ’Light’
There lies body of a female!
‘You are under arrest’, says the Inspector, as the correct switch was pressed on first attempt!


Deepakwrites said...

Pretty interesting start.. :)

Vinay Krishna said...

@Deepak, thx :-)

Everything Happens for a Reason... said...

I wish I had a hat right now .. I would have offed it to u :P ..

You're awesome .. !

sri said...

Nice :)

Vinay Krishna said...

Thx @sri & @Everything Happens for a Reason :-)