Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Nenapinangala, a book I read

Sometime back, I casually asked my colleague Sunil N, 'what's up for the weekend?'
He said he's attending something special, a book launch! And thanks to him, I got a copy of the book Nenapinangala.

The book is about late Ramesh Pattar, who was a popular government official, living true to 'Government's Work is God's Work'. Common people loved him.
Apart from serving the people through various positions he held, he also indulged in literature, writing plays, poems & stories which show his dynamic personality.
Coming from a middle class family, working his way up on his own, having experienced village life from close quarters, his writings reflect his social consciousness.

After he passed away, son Ravindra Pattar who loves his father immensely collected all his writings, brought out as a book along with photographs & opinions.
Right from the cover page design, to layout & content, just like Ramesh Pattar's life & his son's love for him, the book is special.
Here is the website

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