Friday, June 03, 2005

Short and How Sweet...

True.We travel fast, we communicate fast, everything in this world is getting faster...(for better?)
At the same time 'Time' has become a scarce resource...we never have time for anything...
or atleast we no more have time to read/write lengthy my blogs gotta be short(n catchy?!)...!
Short and sweet is like a peck on the cheek...
Long time since I started following the rule, not to type anything more than a page.B'coz if u can't put it down to a page (or two @ max) it's not worth it.
I had learnt it the hard way, probably one of the costliest lessons of my life...!
Brevity and Simplicity are the two virtues we all love but hard to achieve.
Thats why good short stories so rare, paragraph writing is considered a skill and the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) Principle a popular maxim.
Oh...Lemme keep this short(yeah, me running out of time!)...:-)

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Anonymous said...

bakwaas mat karo!!!