Monday, July 04, 2005

Mujhe Jo Sahi Lagta Hai, Main Liktha Hoon :-)

First things first.
I am a Ram Gopal Varma fan.
I haven't seen The Godfather.
But I have read it.

So I can say Sarkar is inspired conceptually by The Godfather .That spares me from telling anything about the story!

And Amithab's acting...well I don't have a word which hasn't been said about him and I don't dare to say it's his best performance.B'coz every time u say, he betters it(read Black).And with this movie the rise and rise of Abhishek continues.Even his fiercest critics would appreciate that brooding intensity.In some frames, only faces fill the screen, dialogues become irrelevent as they convey a range of emotions, in a restrained manner.Infact the casting and acting of each character is near perfect.

With such performances and a Godfather inspired story, the movie still has RGV stamp written all over it.Like all his movies this one too is special, each frame is shot with passion and has quite a few special, memorable, heartwarming, applause worthy moments which stay in ur mind even after u have left the theatre.

Coming to the negatives, yeah sometimes the constant background score irritates.And u wish there were more and powerful dialogues and Sarkar looked more powerful.
(That's if u don't appreciate the understated elegance).

I dunno how the comparision with The Godfather will fare.
And its sure to receive mixed response as its it's little serious and has a slow pace which may not appeal to those who are lukin for just entertainment.
Did anybody miss a (of course not item!) song? :-)

Final Verdict:- Its not a path braking or historic movie but a compelling must watch.If it sounds little too harsh, that's because I am judging by RGV standards.
Else, at a time when those cheap skin flicks are making money, this one's as good as it can get.Go watch it.

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Uma Bankolli said...

The film leaves lots of things for viewers imagination,except for one scene where his guard (that black guy) hits one raper,there is nothing that dipicts his powers.
One who watches Sarkar ,without prior familiary with The Godfather, its not that thrilling.
I went to watch the movie with lots of expectations, but it really disappointed me.