Monday, August 29, 2005

Sunday, Jogi n Iqbal...

Last Sunday, it was bak 2 gud old college days...Multiple movies with friends!

The much hyped Jogi in the mornin', left us thoroughly disappointed(that's an understatement).Yeah it has some catchy tunes, but if only the movie was half as gud as Om(a movie on similar lines by Upendra, long back, which I consider flawless/near perfect).Without too much expectations, Jogi is watchable,n I hav nothin' more 2 say.

And in the afternoon Iqbal, made us feel good (long time since last elections, hope I can use the phrase!).
Very rarely comes such a movie, realistic, meaningful, simple(without being simplistic) and yet has that edge of the seat quality, leaving u spellbound. The beauty of that splendid narration is that u actually start believing wots happening on screen. It does touch ur heart in a special way(like one Swades did).
Acting?Story?Direction?... I am stumbling for words.
Check these reviews which do a pretty neat job of it
TOI , rediff and indiatimes
An experience u gotta experience, this brilliant craft, the best work of Nagesh Kukunoor yet, leaves you askin' for more.

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