Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Short bikin n trekkin

Last Sunday, 17 of us had been to Chunchi Falls n Mekedatu...arnd 100 kms from Bangalore.
An apt one liner would be "It was pure exhilaration".Rejuvenated the jaded body/mind/soul.
Note :-An all Bajaj team of 9 bikers, good 2 c, 'Hamara Bajaj' indigenously makin bikes that appeal 2 geeks....
Bottomline:-Can't type more, still havin a hangover!


Vinay.H said...

It was a very nice trip we had compared to our Engineering trips which were like hurry trips !!!
This was cool and memorable.

Ajay Reddy said...

Hi Vinay,
I'd earlier borrowed your Dakshina Kannada blog post for TripNaksha after Nitin had mapped the route. Do consider mapping your trips there. You can directly embed the route map into your blog then.
Loved reading your posts - would've loved it even more to go on these trips myself :).

Vinay Krishna said...

Thx Ajay & sure, going forward :-)