Monday, May 28, 2007


Last week, in the rainy evening I met one of my friends. She was hungry and wanted to have onion pakoda.
So we got into the restaurant and ordered 2 plates of onion bonda which was available instead of intended pakoda.
I wanted sprite, and she, coffee.
Well, there’s nothing like onion pakoda on a rainy evening that too when the season’s just beginning!
But when the onion bonda finally arrived it was ekdum thanda :-(
Yeah, I was disappointed, but her face was a sight, that instant mood change, to full gloom as if hopelessly drowning slowly in quick sand.
I couldn’t help a hearty laugh.
"I thought it will be hot, you know what all I imagined about it" she protested.
heh heh
That was enough to fuel the fire, immediately the waiter was called to the spot, and then interrogated!
"When was it prepared?"
"Can’t you make it hot/keep it hot at least?"

He was just blank, as if lightening had struck (What else could the poor chap do, facing the fury of unstoppable force of nature called woman, in full might!)
I tried convincing her to have something else like Dosa/Chaat since she was really hungry.
I went on with ‘you should carry your own weather’ funda…
"Everything here will be like this only" her retort stopped me!
Trying to teach logic to the god’s most complex creation? Huh
My efforts ended soon, just like Indian cricket team’s world cup dreams got shattered in the first round!
With she declaring, "Cancel the coffee too, even that’ll be same"
A wise man knows when not to argue, so I obediently called the waiter and conveyed the msg.
Exactly the bill amount had to be paid, not even a paisa more!
And while leaving the poor waiter had to bear one more ‘cold stare’ that woulld have made him sweat even in that chilled atmosphere!

So after having masalapuri at some other place, on the way back, I couldn’t help these thoughts wandering in mind.

Are they all born fickle minded? Yeah not all and there are some in male species too, but the ratio is 90-10 or say 80-20 (to be safer!). For I have seen love stories where the girl changes from ‘can’t live without you for a second’ to ‘not even bothering answer the call’, all within 3 months.
Pretty fast huh!
Or am I too slow/old fashioned in this fast world (strange thought, considering that I sometimes used to feel that I am born ahead of my time!)

Well, about the driving skills & remembering routes/roads/addresses (or simply put ‘sense of direction’!) of the fair sex, I’ll take another post altogether :-)

Dear fellow male species, in understanding woman, no knowledge of fuzzy logic/neural networks or any science helps us.
May be because, when it comes to thinking, unlike us, female species is more of art oriented than science, so you never know!

As an afterthought, isn’t that what makes that intoxicating mix, silly/stupid & at the same time fascinating/captivating, resulting in mysterious charm! :-)


Vidya Daithota said...

sorry, by mistake, i sent it to d other..just...female specieseh....?!!!!!

Mahesh Kumar Hiremath said...

Amazing blog... VK

Good comparision of situations...
I sometimes wonder, what the heck is this female species??? as it is unimaginable to understand their thoughts and thinking...

Everything you predict about a female is goggly, unlike one in an over. ... :)

njoyed reading your blog.