Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Luck by chance?

Long long ago, I could only write the heading, for a blog post!
Since then I have been intrigued by the subject, but no insights gained.

Sometimes in life you push as hard as you can but nothing happens/things move @ snails pace/you are pushed further back, with lesser mortals without much effort making great strides, adding to your frustration.
And sometimes the same thing happens to you, effortlessly things falling in place magically.

While I don’t like to blame it on God (though I believe in some superpower), it can’t be random either (that thought is disturbing!)
And I am not convinced by that motivational stuff ‘harder you work luckier you get’.

The only funda is to ‘keep pushing’?

Any insight/thought? Or am I getting too philosophical?!


Anonymous said...

Hello to our new Philosopher :).
Keep Pushing to achieve your dreams.

Sushma said...

Nope! you arent getting philosophical, u r jus trying to find a pattern in this absolute radomness!!

vpsingh88 said...

Check this out. keep pushing, its a virtue.