Tuesday, July 03, 2007


After a long day I went to cafe coffee day with one of my friends and she was hungry. We ordered (after a long wait) 2 Cappuccinos, and chatpata sticks!
30 minutes of impatient wait, others being served, still nothing came our way!
I was told 'he has something against us, so doesn't want to serve'
I could feel the storm forming!
You can control weather and stop asteroids with advance in technology but not these creations of god!
She waited 5 more minutes and then, there-she-went and blurted out 'Am I so esteemed customer that you want me to be here for long?' and so on…
Must have been a lesson in sarcasm!

In the morning I had read about coastal regions being hit by rain and lives being upset and thought Bangalore is a haven.
But then I had second thoughts!
I can't but marvel at god's sense of equal treatment of children, irrespective of geography. Inside coffee day with ac on, (You thought serving at CCD is easy) he has a subtle way of unleashing nature's fury :-)
(This is worse if you consider that, people affected by natural calamity, have all sympathy, aid and with luck a chance of escape!)
And then Cappuccinos arrived within a short time (that's the fastest he must have served all his life :-))
But only Cappuccinos, no chatpata sticks
Sipping the Cappuccino, again I heard 'He served those chatpata sticks to the other table...and said NO to me, b'coz I scolded him'
'And also u dint want to buy me coffee...u do anything with half heart this is wot happens'

(May be she was really hungry and he (&me!) just got away with it)

Paid exact the bill amount, got out, ate somewhere else.

But then 2 different thoughts just struck me
-I can't help but wonder, that people still think women need quota, huh!
-Now I am beginning to fully appreciate the one-liner 'Not all men are fools... Some are bachelors'


Lakshmi said...

I dont knw y.....women dnt remain like (bachelors)......though they r nt fools.... may b they just wanna teach men......that men r nt soooo intelligent as they think...

Sush said...

Can you re-read the statement "Not ALL men are fools...some are bachelors"....well it means lots more than what u think men understand :)