Friday, August 08, 2008

It Happened Again!

After this, nothing happened for some time now and I was about label the ‘books section in Landmark’ safe zone.
Terror struck again! & how!
I had forgotten the incident and peacefully browsing the magazines area, when I heard it…
One chap using the same pick up line ‘Do you like magazines’ and the other chap falling for it and they went on to discus, about work etc…
Slowly I moved out of that danger area and went to new arrivals books section.
As I was taking a deep breath, there he came…
“Do you like books? I like, I have read some of these”…
I was still recovering from the shock, when he went on with intro “I am so & so, I work with so & so…”
I had to shake hands and exchange pleasantries.
I was as uncomfortable as Dravid facing Mendis (:P) but he didn’t seem to care.
Then he went on to deliver the timeless/classic line “I have seen you somewhere, before, that’s why…”
Ouch! It did hurt.

I kept on walking slowly and when the distance was safe enough to make a dash to the door (just in case!) I waved bye to him and came out with my friend, who by now joined me.

I guess it’s one of those personality development camps, creating havoc @ Landmark in Forum Mall. (Or is it a pickup area? :P) They must be the people let loose by some personality development coach, to practice talking to strangers/make friends/network.

Since Landmark’s one of my favorite frequent hangouts, I will unravel this.
Watch this space.


Nitin G. K. said...

Kormanagala is infested with them.. Any place where you happen to stand for more than a minute or two, like a book store, an ATM queue, or near a restaurant, somebody is going to hit at you. Fu*k it, they are even targeting people in the movie intervals in PVR! Some highly "motivated" people here! The new age pick-up, I guess.. :-P

Raindropz..!!! said...

That was quite n experiance, :) and i think usualy ppl get trapd