Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Giving directions
a) Take right in second dead end :P
b) Take the next left, this is ‘No Way’ ! (one way sign)

Humor in anger
a) @ service station, incensed mechanic, giving it back to the car owner, when the owner didn’t buy his explanation. “Nanna Hajama andko bitya?” and then realizing that owner doesn’t understand Kannada, he translates, “Do you think I am a barber?”:P
b) @ a small hotel, as the customer screamed at the owner/cashier/waiter(all in one), that it’s 20 mins since his order etc, owner calmly retorts “Have you paid advance? Get lost”!
c) @ a studio, the girl scolds the owner/photographer “photo chennagi bandilla”, he screams “Nimma mukha estu chennagide?”!

Namma Bengaluru
Yeah, lakes are disappearing, only around 65 left out of around 400 at once
But as TOI says, from just 100 parks in 2000, there are 508 now and more coming up...

Random Thought
While doing International Finance assignment
What value is financial industry adding to society?

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