Sunday, May 08, 2005


Recently I watched the movie SWADES, it's a must see for all of us.
We spend lot of time on mediocre movies and insignificant things...why not spend some time on a solid, wellmade, quality movie with a superb theme...realistic looks...haunting music and great performances..the movie has a soul...

Ofcourse the movie has its flaws little too lenghty, tries to preach too's not as entertaining as Lagaan..but but the honesty, simplicity, idea/concept behind it strikes on the face...
At some moment in the movie..I am sure we will all feel connected....It touches your heart and mind..As a whole it's commendable effort..

For those hu missed it..this is the one article which inspired Swades.

And this one is by the one who got inspired by Swades..

I have bragged enough..go watch it, give it a thought, and try to do your bit about it...

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